101314_HorseshoeBaltmooreLEED_300Guests at two of Caesars Entertainment's newest developments will now enjoy the latest in gaming and entertainment amenities in U.S. Green Building Council's (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified buildings. The newly-opened Horseshoe Casino Baltimore, managed by Caesars Entertainment, is LEED-certified Gold and The LINQ Las Vegas, operated by Caesars Entertainment, is LEED-certified Silver.

Both of these certifications are part of Caesars' commitment to pursuing LEED certification for all new construction on developments primarily owned and operated by Caesars and its affiliates. Caesars aspires to achieve LEED Gold and is committed to LEED Silver for all new projects.

LEED certification supports the company's overall strategic priority to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent per square foot by 2025. In 2013, Caesars exceeded its short term goal of 10 percent with a reduction of 12.7 percent on an absolute basis.

"As soon as we start the planning process for our new developments, we are considering ways to make our buildings part of a sustainable future," said Greg Miller, Caesars Entertainment executive vice president of domestic development. "By considering building elements' energy and water efficiency, indoor air quality, and materials, we are creating healthy, vibrant places for our guests to relax and play, and for our employees to work."

Caesars Entertainment has chosen LEED certification because of its rigorous approach to measurable environmentally sound building design, construction, operations and maintenance. Caesars' commitment to sustainable operations is further demonstrated by CodeGreen, a company-wide, multi-year sustainability strategy. CodeGreen is an employee-driven program that reduces overall resource usage and takes aggressive and proactive measures to preserve the environment for future generations.

As the first LEED Gold project for Caesars Entertainment, Horseshoe Baltimore's sustainable features exceed Baltimore's city standards requiring new buildings to be certified LEED Silver or its equivalent, further demonstrating the company's commitment to sustainable construction. The casino is also one of only four casinos in the United States to be LEED certified.

With a comprehensive green building strategy, Horseshoe Baltimore's design and construction includes many features for energy efficiency, waste diversion and exceptional indoor air quality. Project highlights include:

  • Horseshoe Baltimore's design enables it to collect and store storm water

        for use in all lavatories and for all landscaping irrigation. Water is

        also carefully monitored and conserved with ultra-efficient and low-flow

        water fixtures throughout the building.

  • Working with the casino's general contractor, Horseshoe Baltimore's

        management team was able to ensure that more than 49 percent of

        construction materials were extracted and manufactured locally and that

        roughly a quarter of construction materials contained recycled content.

  •  Ninety-seven percent of the project's construction waste was diverted

        from landfills.

To read a comprehensive review of Horseshoe Baltimore's LEED achievements, visit usgbc.org.

The LINQ, Caesars Entertainment's outdoor dining, entertainment and shopping promenade at the heart of the Las Vegas Strip, achieved LEED Silver.

  • The LINQ has energy cost savings of more than 21 percent over the LEED

        baseline building performance.

  •  By utilizing drought-tolerant native and adaptive plantings and high

        efficiency drip irrigation systems and sensors, The LINQ will reduce

        more than 51 percent of potable water consumption.

  • Due to its location at the center of The Strip, The LINQ was also

        recognized for its intense development density, optimized parking

        capacity and available public transportation. The LINQ also offers

        preferred parking spots for low-emitting vehicles.

  • The LINQ team created a guidebook for current and future tenants to

        understand Caesars Entertainment's commitment to sustainability and how

        the core and shell of The LINQ and the Wheel Building were designed and

        constructed to conserve resources and provide an energy efficient,

        healthy environment for tenants. The guide also provides resources for

        tenants to pursue LEED Commercial Interiors.

To read a comprehensive review of The LINQ's LEED achievements, please visit usgbc.org.

In addition to new construction projects, Caesars Entertainment is also pursuing LEED certifications for all of its existing buildings in Nevada.