101514_ArrecontMegadome2_300Arecont Vision, an industry leader in IP megapixel camera technology, has added a number of significant enhancements to its popular all-in-one MegaDome 2 Day/Night megapixel cameras. New features include Arecont Vision’s groundbreaking STELLAR (Spatio TEmporal Low Light ARchitecture) Low Light Technology, optional on-board storage up to 32GB via an SDHC card slot; CorridorView capability that allows the camera’s image to be rotated 90 degrees for better coverage in hallways and corridors; and an extended ability to scale images to different resolutions to better meet system bandwidth and storage requirements.

Additional performance features found in MegaDome 2 Day/Night megapixel cameras include remote focus/zoom p-iris lenses, Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) up to 100dB, integrated infrared illuminators, and wide angle or telephoto options. MegaDome 2 Day/Night megapixel cameras are available in a wide range of models with resolution up to 10MP.

“Our MegaDome 2 cameras have always offered the most advanced technologies, now with STELLAR and a host of other enhancements, they are even better than before,” said Raul Calderon, Senior Vice President, Arecont Vision. “The new features in our MegaDome 2 cameras further extend their
industry-leading performance and capabilities to provide the highest levels of video security, even in the most challenging lighting conditions.”

MegaDome 2 (1.2 MP model) is the first Arecont Vision camera to feature STELLAR Low Light Technology, which expands low-light performance by reducing motion blur and noise, enhancing contrast and enabling color imaging in near complete darkness. This industry-leading technology will be available on additional Arecont Vision cameras in the near future.

In addition to these new features, MegaDome 2 cameras also offer Arecont Vision®’s WDR technology
which provides a dynamic range of up to 100dB at full resolution without lowering frame rates. By combining long and short exposures in the same field of view, WDR maximizes the amount of detail in both bright and dark areas of a scene. The WDR performance of Arecont Vision® cameras represents up to 50dB improvement (300X) in dynamic range
compared to conventional cameras.

MegaDome 2 cameras offer additional performance features including: H.264 (MPEG-4 Part 10)/MJPEG dual encoders; privacy masking; extended motion detection with 1,024 distinct motion detection zones; pixel binning for increased low light sensitivity (3MP, 5MP and 10MP models); flexible cropping to adjust image sizes; IP66 environmentally rated and IK-10 impact resistant dome enclosures; and the ability to choose PoE (Power over Ethernet) or external power. MegaDome 2 Telephoto cameras are available with long distance infrared illuminators in resolutions of 1080p, 3MP, 5MP and 10MP.