101514_VASEconnect_300Las Vegas-based eConnect, a fast-grown technology company dedicated to improving businesses’ profits through data and video intelligence, unveiled innovative new software to a large crowd at the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas.

“It is exciting to see how much value our customers see with our new technology. At G2E, business operators were able to see these systems working first hand,” said Henry Valentino, owner of eConnect. “This technology will change the way hospitality businesses operate, improving the guest experience in ways never before possible.”

The eCounter product is eConnect’s new people analytics system. It operates by using standard cameras to identify changes within video to tell operators how many people are in line and how long they are waiting. The technology and can be operated in stand-alone mode or in conjunction with the POS Connect system to improve revenue, customer service and optimize labor.

The Pace of Play system allows casino operators to improve revenue and table performance on nearly all table games. Again, using existing cameras, the system will conduct table game analysis in real-time, predicting and analyzing video data so gaming operators can make important business decision when they matter most.

“The software systems we unveiled at G2E will immediately increase casino and business profits through their ability to enhance pace of play and people counting,” said Chris Swanger, vice president of business development for eConnect. “Business owners who rely on customer service see the profit applications are enormous.”

Hundreds of convention goers witnessed the new technology in action during live demonstrations at eConnect’s luncheon at G2E Wednesday, as recorded through eConnect’s video/data analysis systems. Over the 3-day G2E event, casino executives learned about the breakthroughs by visiting the eConnect booth.
eConnect will demonstrate its cutting-edge technology again at the Tribalnet conference in November.