101614_MGAMagic_300MGA has consolidated its leadership position in the Spanish market and is now addressing the challenge of extending its trade networks worldwide.

Last February MGA presented, at the International fair of ICE Totally Gaming in London, the Magic Red and Magic Ball products versions of 5 and 8 players. Half a year on, and these products are now proving their success in the arcade and gaming halls internationally.

MGA has started the homologation process for casino regulation, GLI23 and equivalent legislation, as required by the most demanding markets.
Ferran Torrado, Head of Development of New International Markets MGA, says: "Magic Red is a leading and proven performing product which deserves the best distribution network at the international level"

He contends "for this reason our main objective is in creating the best international dealer Network for Magic Red and successfully internationalise the offering through new distributors specialist in their home markets."

MGA has already begun the process of selection of distributor companies well rooted in their local markets and who want to add to their portfolio successful products.

With over 30 years experience in the gaming world, both in the manufacture of machines and in the operational, MGA is a trusted partner in Spain. They offer opportunities to international distribution for one of the best performing electronic roulettes and bingos in the market. Magic Red and Magic Ball combine leading technology and proven excellent levels of revenue.
MGA seeks to establish long-lasting relationships for the future market development.