102714_TransActConference_300TransAct Technologies Incorporated, a global leader in market-specific solutions, including printers, terminals, software and other products for transaction-based and other industries, recently hosted its first annual Epicentral® User Conference where current Epicentral users shared first-hand the incredible performance benefits the Company’s revolutionary Epicentral promotional and bonusing solution is delivering to their gaming operations. Held immediately prior to the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) in Las Vegas on September 29, 2014, the Epicentral User Conference brought together current Epicentral power users to share ideas, see how users are utilizing the latest system from TransAct and learn how to leverage Epicentral to generate enhanced performance across their electronic gaming machine floors and drive increased revenue in their casinos.

“We have found that current users are often the best advocates for the significant improvements that the Epicentral promotion and bonusing system is driving across their electronic gaming operations. To that end, our first annual Epicentral User Conference was an important forum to bring together users to share ideas and explore new ways to put our system to use while providing TransAct with insights into potential future enhancements that could deliver additional performance benefits for our casino partners,” said Bart C. Shuldman, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of TransAct Technologies. “Epicentral is clearly delivering operational benefits for our customers as proven by the incredible real world performance data we have seen from its deployment in 11 casinos to date and we believe that by fostering a community of users focused on harnessing the power of Epicentral to transform slot floors, potential customers will seek out our system and explore the benefits it can have on their own operations.” 

Deployed in conjunction with both the Company’s ServerPort™ and Epic 950 ticket printer installed in each gaming device, Epicentral easily connects to all slot machines and electronic table games, regardless of manufacturer, providing unmatched flexibility and allowing operators to address their entire floor with a single solution. Epicentral is the gaming industry’s only enterprise-level software solution that allows casino operators and their marketing teams to deliver targeted coupons and bonuses to players directly at the slot machine or electronic table game, all in real-time. Since its introduction, the system has consistently delivered proven, meaningful performance in ongoing floor-wide marketing programs and is currently deployed across over 10,500 electronic gaming machines at 11 casinos. 

To-date, customers have reported a 46% average increase in slot handle the evening of a coupon-drawing promotion, a 100% increase in lower-tier player average daily theoretical (ADT), a 37% increase in weekday afternoon slot handle, a 14% increase in average player time on device, a 60% increase in new player enrollment in their loyalty programs, a 34% increase in the number of returning players, an 87% redemption rate of coupons that encourage mid-week visits, and an 86% increase in points earned by players club members. 

Tracey Chernay, Executive Vice President of Global Casino, Gaming and Lottery for TransAct Technologies, added, “We are excited by the success of our first Epicentral User Conference and expect the event to evolve and grow in the coming years as additional customers harness the power of Epicentral to improve the performance of their electronic gaming machines. Our customers have been extremely vocal in praising the benefits of our revolutionary promotion and bonusing system, as evidenced by the turnout at the Conference and the addition of John Strydom from Hippodrome Casino to our in-booth programming at G2E, and we believe this will help drive further industry interest in Epicentral. The entire team at TransAct thanks our inaugural attendees and we look forward to presenting a more in-depth event next year.” 

For more information about the Epicentral print system and the Company’s Epic series of gaming device printers, please visit www.transact-tech.com.