102914_NUTA_300Sleek, Minimalist-design family of stool-seats perfect for use at office counters, tables, drawing boards; in upscale bars, restaurants, coffee shops; and high-end residential.

Design: Contemporary Spanish industrial and interior designer Lluis Pau of Barcelona.

Manufacturer: Mobles 114; Barcelona, Spain. Distributed throughout North America exclusively by Magnuson Group, founded 1984.

Product Applications: NUTA’s spare architectural design belies the stool-seating line’s sturdy, lasting construction. It is suitable for all manner of purposeful or casual sitting in a myriad of interior contract, commercial, institutional, even residential installations.

Typical applications include throughout modern corporate offices; alcoholic beverage and juice bars; cocktail and other high-table lounges and restaurants; student/faculty cafeterias, dormitories, lounges; medical/dental, scientific laboratories; libraries; museums, galleries; makeup and other cosmetic counters; public entertainment and hospitality venues; malls, waiting areas.

Product Description: NUTA is offered in three heights — low, medium and high of equal widths and depths. Its Minimalist design concept in three families of nine models total, comprises tubular, chrome-steel legs that stem from the center underside of a circular seat, extending in equidistant directions forming an A-shape. A chrome ring connects legs in the two larger models, while acting as an integral footrest.

NUTA requires no mechanical setup, are ready for years of constant use, out of the carton.

Construction & Finishes: NUTA’s circular seat is available in matte stainless steel, grey polyurethane or beechwood, all with chrome steel tubular legs, four-legged model have a chrome ring-footrest. All models are easily portable, movable.

NUTA three-legged models, L01, L02 and L03, stand 17 11/16” high; have 11 1/4” diameter seats and weigh 7 lbs. L01 has a beechwood seat; L02 matte stainless steel and L03 grey polyurethane.

NUTA four-legged models, KO1, KO2 and K03 stand 23 5/8” high, have 11 1/4” diameter seats and weigh 11 lbs. KO1 comes with a beechwood seat; KO2 matte stainless steel and K03 grey polyurethane.

NUTA four-legged models, BO1, BO2 and B03 stand 29 1/2” high, have 11 1/4” diameter seats and weigh 13 lbs. BO1 comes with a beechwood seat; BO2 matte stainless steel and B03 grey polyurethane.