102914_AGAG2KG_300The American Gaming Association (AGA) continued its active engagement in the Massachusetts referendum vote by launching a new 30-second advertisement, “More than Meets the Eye,” to help ensure voters and policymakers have the facts about the casino gaming industry. As part of its “Get to Know Gaming” campaign, the AGA has cultivated third-party allies, such as law enforcement, and consistently pushed back in the Commonwealth against myths and stereotypes through letters-to-the-editor, op-eds, and fact checks to keep casino critics honest.

“Voters in Massachusetts have been flooded with misinformation about our industry, but the AGA is acting to ensure that voters and policymakers know the facts,” said Geoff Freeman, president and CEO of the American Gaming Association. “As Massachusetts voters decide whether to bring gaming to their state, it’s critical that they do not rely on casino opponents’ myths and scare tactics that don’t jive with reality.”

The ad is running in Boston and Springfield and will continue through Election Day, when voters will head to the ballot box to decide whether to keep the gaming law.

Watch the new 30-second ad here.

The ad highlights a new study conducted by Oxford Economics that shows the gaming industry is a $240 billion industry that supports 1.7 million jobs and generates $38 billion in federal, state and local taxes. It also draws attention to the opportunities for growth in more than 200 unique and fulfilling gaming industry careers, such as in high tech, security and surveillance and engineering.

The digital ad is running on social media channels, such as YouTube, and targeting policymakers and opinion leaders. Outside of Massachusetts, the ad is running in Dover, DE; Indianapolis, IN; and Las Vegas, NV.

In Delaware and Indianapolis, legislators are considering new gaming policies that would encourage innovation and better reflect voters’ overwhelming support of the gaming industry.

The new ad, which features former Clark County Sheriff Bill Young, is running in Las Vegas, the hub of the gaming industry, to energize gaming employees and share news of the vast, positive economic impact their industry has on the United States economy.

The ad is the latest component of the AGA’s “Get to Know Gaming” campaign – an aggressive effort to promote the value of the gaming industry, combat outdated stereotypes and pave the way for gaming’s next generation. For more information, visit GetToKnowGaming.org.