103114_EveryplayStudy_300Social players who devote 10 hours a week to mobile casino games tend to spend a lot more money on those games than the average non-casino social player, according to a recent study conducted by Everyplay, a leading mobile replay sharing network.

The study, which evaluates sharing motivations and behaviors of over 3,000 U.S. mobile game players, found that the average mobile player currently downloads up to five games per month and plays for up to three hours per week. The average amount of money they spend on mobile gaming is $4 per month.

But when it comes to the casino gaming and other select mobile gaming segments such as strategy and combat games, the more a customer plays, the more they are willing to pay; with those devoting 10 hours or more each week to these games spending upward of $15.15 per month, close to four times more than what the average player spends on mobile games.

The study also revealed other interesting mobile gaming spending habits, such as that players ages 35-44 spend the most, $6.07 per month on average, whereas 18-24 year-olds spend least at $3.73. Men are also spending more than women, at $5.63 vs $3.49 on average. Whales, or those who spend $50 or more per month, are less than 1 percent of user population, but make up 29 percent of overall revenue.

An element that goes hand-in-hand with online mobile gaming is social media, with usage for mobile gamers high: Facebook (89 percent), YouTube (60 percent), Google+ (41 percent) and Twitter (38 percent). About 20 percent of users are classified as sharers, or those who actively share from games who are likely to download more games, play more often and for longer, and are more likely to convert to paying users. However, word of mouth is the number one way in which mobile gamers discover games and decide whether to download. Top sources include: reading user reviews (43 Percent), hearing from a friend/family member (36 percent), and seeing a friend/family member play the game (25 percent).

“Mobile video sharing of gameplay represents a huge opportunity for game developers to increase the discovery of their games virally, and also tap into the heavier spenders and whales who naturally engage in more social behaviors than non-spenders, “said Jussi Laakkonen, executive vice president for Everyplay & Ads at Unity Technologies.