111314_Cyberworldstudios_300Cyberworld Studios, Inc., a subsidiary of Direct Equity International, Inc., announced today that it is investing in the online social gambling market. The company has partnered with a U.S. game developer to pursue the multi-billion dollar social gambling market.

Cyberworld Management hopes to cash in on the lucrative social gambling market. Cyberworld CEO, Macleans Geo-Jaja, said, "We hope to bring real-time legal gambling to our customers in a way that will provide them an inviting, social setting that will be easily accessible and exciting. We hope to pair the excitement of Vegas casino's with the fun of competing with friends and making new friends."

Management says the main objective of its new games will be to play poker and other competitive games while allowing players to interact socially. "Our research indicates that there is a significant number of players that do not wish to engage in any intense gambling but would rather make and meet new friends in a social environment online or through their smart technology," said Geo-Jaja.

Cyberworld says its new games will have various social features including romantic styles and references. Screens will place more emphasis on access to chat rooms, connecting with other users, search functions, sending likes etc. Players will be allowed to remain logged on while they mingle but may remain idle at tables while active in other areas of the game.

The Company is engaged in the business of developing and publishing video games and mobile software applications ("Apps") of all types, that are available to gaming, healthcare and financial sectors. For more information and a sneak peek at other games the Company is publishing, please visit their website at www.Cyberworld-Studios.com.