112614_ESPSurgxsolutions_300ESP/SurgeX, a leader in energy intelligence and power protection, announces new technology solutions for the gaming industry designed to reduce “no-problem-found” downtime and equipment failures resulting from power issues. The patented technology features diagnostic intelligence, power protection, and management capabilities that have been proven to increase the uptime and longevity of electronic gaming machines, surveillance equipment, and other electronics found in casinos.

UPS (uninterruptible power supply) devices are commonly integrated as part of an electronic gaming set-up, but UPS solutions offer minimal protection against the damage and disruptions caused by surges, spikes, electronic noise, and other hidden power issues. According to a study done by the Ponemon Institute, approximately 95 percent of businesses fell victim to equipment downtime over the past two years. More than just an inconvenience, this downtime has dramatic consequences for the average business in terms of lost man-hours, lost data, lost time, and negative customer experiences. Considering how reliant the gaming industry is on electronic equipment, and customer interaction with this equipment, the potential for losses are significant.

“Gaming managers are constantly replacing slot machines, video lottery terminals, monitors, cameras, and UPS devices due to power related issues,” said Dave Perrotta, chief operating officer for ESP/SurgeX. “Fortunately, it’s an easy problem to solve with the right equipment. ESP/SurgeX energy intelligence and power protection solutions immediately identify problem areas and prevent against future issues to help casinos avoid downtime and lower hardware replacement costs.”

ESP/SurgeX products will be available for distribution through Suzo Happ and Betson Enterprises.

ESP/SurgeX has manufactured premium power protection and energy management solutions for 30 years. Their award-winning portfolio and multiple patents help businesses worldwide to lower service costs and improve the reliability and profitability of critical electronic equipment.

For more information, please visit www.espsurgex.com/winbig.