120214_Mozcolumncovers_300Móz Designs has announced new production capabilities and faster turnaround of architectural column covers. State-of-the-art, Móz-exclusive CNC machinery is now in operation and allows for more competitive pricing, greater capacity and quicker lead times. Columns are pre-formed and pre-engineered by Móz for easy, on-site installation.

With a creative range of colors, grains and patterns available, Móz column covers are used in commercial construction, airports and other transit facilities, stadiums, convention centers, hotels, healthcare centers, retail and entertainment sites. They can be specified for both exterior and interior applications for an enhanced architectural appearance.

Móz column covers are fabricated from heavy-gauge .090” to .125” solid core aluminum. Stainless steel from .050” to .063” is available, along with perforated and laser-cut aluminum.

Móz standard ETA (Easy to Assemble) configurations include round, square, oval and racetrack. Two, three and four segments can be specified. Columns are ready to anchor to metal studs and all bracketing, angles, trims and clips are included. Any column height can be achieved with stacking segments.
Móz column covers are pre-finished with a choice of more than 500 color, grain and pattern combinations. Aluminum finishes include: organic polymer coatings in a range of colors; powder coating; and Kynar®-500 based coatings. 

Column covers can be ordered with vertical or horizontal reveals. Insulation or sound deadening treatments, seam trims, recessed bases and/or capitals are also available.

Environmentally-friendly, Móz metal panels are fabricated from recycled aluminum and contribute to LEED 2.0 MR Credit 4, recycled content.
Móz has been an industry leader in innovative metal surfaces for interior and exterior applications for 25 years. All Móz architectural and decorative metal products are designed and manufactured at the company’s facility in northern California.

For more information or product samples, contact Móz Designs at 510.632.0853 or see Móz products on the internet at www.MozDesigns.com.