120814_Greentubesolitaire_300Greentube, a leading platform and game developer for internet connected devices, and parent company the Novomatic Group, announced the launch of Royal Flush Poker, designed by leading Slovakian gamemaker, So What.

Royal Flush Solitaire is a unique crossover game that combines elements from poker and solitaire, offering a unique gameplay experience that is different from any known solitaire game. For example, to advance from one level to the next, players must clear all cards off the board by building poker hands, such as a pair, full house, four of a kind or a royal flush and challenges are layered throughout the game that require players to implement different strategies, such as maintaining friendships with the Police and FBI in order to avoid additional obstacles. To assist with these challenges, an array of powerful tools is at each player’s disposal, such as:

  • Cards up a sleeve to cheat the bank
  • X-ray glasses to see facedown cards
  • A gun to shoot unsuitable cards

Every aspect of the game has been optimized for a fun and engaging experience from the first to the last moment of gameplay.

Egon Friebus, Founder and Executive Producer explains, “With Royal Flush Solitaire, we’ve taken the core of Poker gameplay and added in the strategy of Solitaire to increase the fun and the game’s appeal for players who want more depth from their Poker game. Royal Flush Solitaire is the real deal for long lasting entertainment.”

Royal Flush Solitaire can be downloaded for free available on the App Store, on Google Play and Amazon.

“The addition of Royal Flush Solitaire helps illustrate our vision to provide the best and most innovative games ,” said Gabriel Cianchetto, President of Market Development for Greentube North America. “We expect Royal Flush Solitaire to be among our most popular games.”