121214_Ortiz2015_300Ortiz Gaming Raised Expectations in 2014. The multinational gaming manufacture started the year with expansions into new countries and aiming to maintain their strong presence globally. As 2014 comes to a close, Ortiz Gaming has exceeded these goals and is positioned to set even higher expectations for 2015.

Ortiz Gaming will closeout 2014 as one of the Top manufactures in North America. The company entered the North American gaming market in late 2013, and has quickly grown to be the most important Bingo gaming manufacture in the North America. This year the company has also successfully entered the Asian Market, while maintaining their position as a principal in electronic Bingo around the world.

The gaming company also made news in late 2014 with their concept the Ortiz Standard, which increases win-per-unit, slot floor average, and time-in-chair. Ortiz Gaming released a white paper outlining how the Ortiz Standard’s combination of complex mathematical models and engaging player-centric features increase slot floor revenue. The Ortiz Standard, found on Ortiz Gaming Machines, has redefined slot floor metrics and as a result has created additional demand for the Ortiz Gaming products.

International success and increased product demand has Ortiz Gaming planning on ‘how to outdo themselves in the next year’. “We launched some amazing new products like our evolutionary curved O-Circle cabinet, which will go to market in early 2015, this will set the pace for the year. Ortiz Gaming is always working on delivering the most high tech and fun games, and we are already working on some great surprises for 2015,” stated Maurilio Silva president of Ortiz Gaming.

“In 2015 we will continue our growth and expansion in North America and Asia, but we are setting the bar high in terms of performance. The Ortiz Standard is truly an evolution in the gaming industry and its adoption will make an impact in the gaming industry,” Silva concluded.

Since Ortiz Gaming entered into the North American market they have built strong partnerships within the gaming industry which made this rapid expansion possible for Ortiz Gaming to continue their exponential growth. The company is appreciative for their biggest partners of 2014, showing their content through various medias and end of the year blog posting like the “Best of 2014” and collages commemorating the successful year.