123014_GamblingCharitydoners_300Christmas is commonly called the season of giving. And  online casino site, Jackpot.co.uk [http://www.jackpot.co.uk ] has taken the opportunity to announce the most charitable gambling companies in the UK.

After examining the financial reports of gambling companies active in the UK, the company compiled a list of the top five biggest charity benefactors. Of the companies investigated, bet365 gave the most to charity with donations totalling a staggering GBP105 million followed by William Hill, Gala Coral, Ladbrokes and Paddy Power who also gave significant charitable donations.

5. Paddy Power GBP657,000 donated
4. Ladbrokes GBP670,000 donated
3. Gala Coral GBP800,000 donated
2. William Hill GBP962,547 donated
1. bet365 GBP105,000,000 donated

Charities and causes that have benefited from the UK gambling industry include Cancer Research UK, overseas natural disaster victims, plus a wide range of local, national and international charities. Companies like bet365 and Ladbrokes have even gone so far as setting up their own independent charitable foundations.

Sam Marsden, editor of Jackpot.co.uk, said: Gambling is still seen as a murky industry in the eyes of many, but the reality is that betting companies are taking their corporate responsibilities very seriously indeed.

Through publicising the significant amounts given to charity by the industry we hope that the wider public will acknowledge this fact and appreciate the positive impact they are having.'

One of the biggest recipients of these donations is an independent industry funded charity; The Responsible Gambling Trust. Since 2009 The Responsible Gambling Trust has received donations of over GBP20 million from its donors, which has helped it to fund gambling education, prevention, research and treatment services.

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