010215_WMSKittenslot_300Featuring a unique free spin bonus where the type of triggering KITTEN symbols alter how the bonus plays out, the OMG! Kitten Safari theme takes you into the jungle without leaving your casino floor! Any combination of KITTEN symbols on reels 1-4, with a BONUS symbol on reel 5, triggers the OMG! Free Spins Bonus and a minimum of 5 free spins. However, each type of triggering KITTEN symbol adds a different enhancement - one awards free spins, another bonus credit awards, and another multipliers, creating a unique bonus experience every time you play!

During the Base and Bonus game play, BONUS and KITTEN symbols randomly appear and will always land fully flushed on the reels. KITTEN symbols on reel 5 may randomly have a multiplier of 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x, or 100x, which multiplies wins containing those symbols!

Each game utilizing the 5x4 reel configuration offers a unique take on 5x4 slot play with the addition of Bonus Guarantee feature and optional Wager Saver™ feature to provide exciting player experiences on your casino floor.