010915_MobileAssist_300IgnitionOne, a global leader in cloud-based digital marketing technology announced the release of MobileAssist, a solution that helps marketers track cross-device conversions, a break-through that overcomes an obstacle that has held back the true potential for mobile advertising.

As consumers move to spending greater time on mobile devices which encompass 60% of the minutes spent on digital compared to 40% on desktop1, marketers are in turn moving budget to advertising across these devices. The challenge that marketers have faced is that most attribution technology has focused on desktop and not mobile devices.
This reliance on cookie based technology, along with mobile advertising being bought as a discrete channel, leaves marketers without a full picture of how mobile advertising is contributing to successful conversions.

MobileAssist solves this massive industry challenge by helping marketers identify where mobile advertising has played a part in previously unattributed conversions to offer a fuller view of the attribution and impact mobile advertising spend had on successfully completed sales or conversion. IgnitionOne's integrated desktop and mobile platform provides the company unique advantage to provide cross device targeting and a complete view of how spend is attributed across devices.

With these enhanced insights into their mobile spend, marketers are able to improve existing media effort, inform optimal investment levels to future campaigns and improve results across all devices.

In the case of a leading e-commerce client who was initially desktop-focused, MobileAssist proved a 10X return on ad spend on their mobile campaign by measuring conversions that occurred on their desktop website, but were influenced by mobile ad engagement.

"Sophisticated marketers will not settle for anything less than a clear and true picture of their customers and how different channels and devices assist each other within the conversion path," said Will Margiloff, CEO of IgnitionOne. "MobileAssist is another way our Digital Marketing Suite delivers to marketing the tools and centralized data to make smart and effective decisions."

IgnitionOne's cross-channel and cross-device approach helps marketers better understand the entire interaction a consumer has with a brand, and follow them from initial research to conversion. Marketers are provided a view from the date of conversion across all exposures for an individual user. This valuable data is centralized into IgnitionOne's DMP along with proprietary scoring methodology to be used across all channels - search, display, email, social, mobile and through website personalization.