Future Logic Gen3California-based FutureLogic, recently acquired by JCM Global, has signed a five-year, preferred supplier agreement (PSA) with Gaming Capital Group (GCG), specifying FutureLogic’s GEN3 Evolution printers will be the preferred printer in all of GCG’s gaming devices.

With over 12,000 electronic gaming devices purchased in the past few years, GCG is one of the largest customers and most influential providers of equipment financing to gaming manufacturers, currently conducts business with numerous tribal enterprises in the U.S.

“Customer satisfaction and reliability go hand in hand and are at the core of our principles at GCG,” said Rolen Miller, managing partner and CEO at GCG. “We were pleased to see that FutureLogic shares and practices this very same philosophy. Since developing the very first TITO printer, FutureLogic has led the way for all printer manufacturers worldwide with unmatched performance and reliability combined with its outstanding level of service and support.”

Following in the footsteps of the GEN1 (PSA-66ST), GEN2, and GEN2 Universal, the GEN3 Evolution printer is the latest generation of thermal ticket and promotional couponing printers from FutureLogic. Featuring the industry’s largest standard paper capacity of 450 tickets, photographic quality printing, a low paper sensor that eliminates paper waste by taking the ticket stack down to the last ticket, and up to 8IPS, the GEN3 Evolution printer is the fastest printer in gaming, printing and presenting a ticket/coupon in less than one second, according to company literature.  Moreover, operators can easily update firmware in a flash, by simply connecting a pre-loaded thumb drive to a printer while it’s still in the slot machine, yielding a significantly reduced down time for each and every slot machine on the casino floor.

Designed with promotional couponing in mind, the GEN3 Evolution printer offers an optional on-board promotional system module that creates separate and secure processing environments for both TITO and promotional couponing. This optional module also makes precision grayscale printing a possibility through an advanced temperature control technology, yielding the highest resolution output for printing eye-catching promotional coupons.

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