Where are green cleaners and then there is Evolve, the first all-natural, green cleaning technology proven in both lab testing and customer use to match or exceed the performance of petroleum-based jan-san cleaners and laundry detergents. Agaia, Inc., makers of Evolve, recently announced that its line of Green Seal approved commercial cleaning products is expanding internationally as pressure mounts in the global janitorial services market for the use of environmentally and human-safe cleaning products and practices.

“Since we announced that five Evolve products were awarded Green Seal certifications in July 2014, interest in Agaia’s patented cleaning and laundry technology has increased exponentially and our global distribution network has grown dramatically,” said Mike Linn, CEO for Agaia. “In the last few months alone we’ve added new distributors in North and South America, Europe, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey. This confirms the growing global demand for cost-competitive, ecofriendly cleaning products that deliver the same, and often a superior, level of performance over traditional chemical cleaners.”

Five Evolve-based Agaia products received Green Seal certifications in 2014:

Evolve All Surface Cleaner—A powerful all-in-one cleaner, degreaser and deodorizer that replaces over a dozen bathroom, kitchen and janitorial cleaning products.

Evolve Glass & Window Cleaner—An industrial-strength, ammonia-free formula that cleans by dissolving difficult soils, such as smoke and grease, commonly left behind by other glass cleaners and leaves a superior shine.

Evolve All Duty Industrial Cleaner 203—A broad spectrum, all duty cleaner that can be used on any surface in any environment without concern of toxicity, accumulation or disposal. This cleaner is for use in manufacturing, food processing, transportation and marine and industries.

Evolve Hard Water & Scale Remover—Easily replaces all other commercial de-scalers and eliminates pressure washing and mechanical removal. For use on all areas with accumulated hard water and scale, including appliances and equipment such as dishwashers, water heaters and pool drains.

Evolve Laundry Complete 203L—The first product to meet Green Seal’s recently published GS-51 guidelines for laundry cleaners. Independent study found that Evolve Laundry, which easily cleans in cold water, extended linen life and reduced replacement costs up to 10 times over other caustic laundry detergents. It also reduces wash time, water and power usage and increases profits from laundry operations.

 “One out of every 16 cleaning personnel is injured on the job annually by the toxic and often poisonous chemicals contained in commercial cleaning and laundry products,” Linn said. “These injuries, which commonly include serious burns to the eyes or skin, have a permanent impact on our cleaning personnel. These same people also experience some of the highest rates of occupational asthma and other lung conditions—twice the rate of other workers. Evolve not only helps increase safety on the job, but we are creating chemical-free, non-toxic environments in office buildings, hotels, hospitals, schools, institutions, and workplaces all over the world.”