Carrier Enterprises (CE) previewed its state-of-the-art E-TAC II technology from Gree, as well as Founten’s cutting edge Intelligent Wireless HVAC Energy Management Solution and the PTAC Air Knight air purification system at the International Hotel, Motel + Restaurant Show (IHMRS ) that took place recently in New York City.

Attendees of IHMRS got a sneak preview of the redesigned E-TAC II by Gree and Carrier Enterprise. Scheduled for full release in early 2015, E-TAC II is a win-win solution for hoteliers and their guests. When compared with prior PTAC systems, the E-TAC II is significantly quieter and even more energy efficient than ever before. Hotel guests will enjoy increased comfort from humidity controls, greater ease of use with the wireless thermostat or remote control, and a more restful night, due to the Aero-Quiet fan. Going beyond the benefit of increased guest satisfaction, E-TAC II provides hotels with a front desk management interface for determining room occupancy, instant energy savings and the longest standard warranty in the industry.

“Hoteliers were in need of a PTAC solution that surpassed basic heating and cooling functions. For this reason, Gree and Carrier Enterprise set out to develop a system that took the comfort and control of a guestroom to a new level with unmatched guest conveniences and operational advantages,” said Douglas Mackemer, director of parts, supplies and equipment for CE. “IHMRS is the ideal place to introduce E-TAC II directly to hotel executives seeking a replacement for less efficient PTAC systems.”

In addition to E-TAC II, CE exhibited Founten’s line of affordable top-to-bottom HVAC energy management solutions for hotels of all sizes. Founten products use both wireless and Cloud computing technologies and feature integrated wireless networking capability to significantly reduce installation and configuration costs, including thermostats capable of automatically managing efficiency of all types of HVAC equipment. Key to the system’s success is the Cloud-based Founten Site Manager, which provides real-time management and control, continuous data tracking, complete analysis and reporting.

 For properties concerned with air quality, the PTAC Air Knight air purification system will also be on display at IHMRS. This unit was specifically designed for hotel and healthcare facility HVAC units to enhance the guest experience by eliminating unhealthy indoor environments. It reduces odors, air pollutants, VOCs (chemical odors), smoke, mold, bacteria and viruses in both the air and on surfaces. It is easily mounted in a variety of air conditioning systems, employing an advanced oxidation process consists of friendly oxidizers that revert back to oxygen and hydrogen after sanitizing the pollutant.