012015_Wideawakelogo_300Wide Awake is a new marketing and innovation agency solely dedicated to helping gaming properties evolve through innovation, differentiation and by mastering the modern marketing landscape in a hyper-competitive, over-saturated industry that is looking for answers.

Wide Awake offers leading-edge solutions in the areas of brand strategy and innovation, experience design, creative content, creative technology, paid media, social media, grassroots marketing, public relations and social impact initiatives to name a few. These types of programs will help properties grow market share from existing audiences, as well as cultivate new audiences.

“We have decades of experience in the gaming industry, so we know players, know the trends and we’ve seen the evolution,” said B.C. LeDoux, Wide Awake president and principal. “We’ve seen the industry become commoditized and a little formulaic, and since it’s faced with the immense pressure of hyper-competition and oversaturation, we want to help properties think differently, stand out and blaze trails during the next evolution.”

Wide Awake is a sister agency to The Glenn Group, a leading Nevada-based marketing communications agency with a rich history in gaming. The new endeavor capitalizes on more than 45 years of unparalleled gaming experience with more than 50 gaming companies around the country, from grand opening Las Vegas Strip properties to creating countless solutions for regional casinos and resorts. Wide Awake will offer all the experience, creativity and service The Glenn Group has always offered gaming clients, but with a greater depth of gaming expertise and focus on research insights and modern marketing solutions.

“There is a huge opportunity for properties to grow their businesses by looking at data, embracing modern marketing and strategically trying new things,” said LeDoux.

The name Wide Awake pays homage to Nevada, where the company cut its teeth on gaming and where gaming was born. During the gold and silver rushes, well before gaming was legal, Nevada frontier towns that were open to gambling were referred to as “Wide Awake.” Wide Awake is not only a way of paying tribute to Nevada’s pioneering spirit and its deep gaming roots, but also focuses on the challenges of marketing casino properties within a modern marketing landscape and highly competitive gaming environment.

To find out more about Wide Awake and modern marketing for gaming properties, read a Q&A with LeDoux here. Visit the Wide Awake website at WideAwakeNV.com.