12915_SnoqualmieLogo_300Snoqualmie Casino has announced its partnership with Dumac Printing and Direct Marketing. The Salt Lake City, Utah based company has been chosen to assist in the launch of Snoqualmie Casino’s new in-house direct mailing program.

Sending out nearly a million pieces of mail a year, Snoqualmie Casino sought out a partner with expert capabilities in handling variable content strategically tailored to each guest. With their unmatched ability to provide a full range of services at one convenient location, Dumac became the obvious choice.

“The opportunity to have this partnership puts us in the best position to become more effective and efficient with mail offers to our guests, putting us in a more profitable position altogether,” said Julie Doerge, Marketing Manager at Snoqualmie Casino.

In addition to the partnership with Dumac, Snoqualmie Casino has welcomed two new team members to assist in the development and coordination of its new direct mailing program. Larry Resick, Database Marketing Manager, and Nick Tolley, Direct Mail Coordinator, will take a one-on-one approach analyzing customer trends to create a stronger reinvestment strategy.