2115_JCMNanoVideoWall_300The largest curved video wall in North America is now up and running at Tachi Palace Hotel & Casino and is visible throughout the entire Casino of the Moon.

Measuring an incredible 38x21 feet – a total of 800 square feet of hi-def LED video screens, roughly the size of 44 foot flat screen TVs – the larger-than-life curved video wall is comprised of 1517 Nixels (NanoLumens’ LED board), housing a total of 776,704 pixels, projecting colors in excess of 16 million. The combination eclipses all other such displays and has created an astonishing new focal point for the casino.

See the video of the wall at this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YQvHAoLmQw and download photos at this link: https://db.tt/ashDB7sx

JCM Global’s digital media team directed the installation of the JCM NanoLumens video wall. JCM expedited the installation with a 24/7 installation schedule over a 3-day period. Additionally, the Tachi Palace installation deploys JCM’s media management system for a simple, operator-controlled method of “publishing” to the wall.

“This installation reflects our commitment to bring the latest and most innovative technology for our guests’ enjoyment. What better time to come see this truly amazing display than the upcoming big game,” Tachi Palace General Manager Willie Burrios said. “Additionally, the environmentally friendly design and low energy consumption were very important and attractive to us.”

The video wall was created using the incredible, flexible Nano Curve LED displays from NanoLumens. The eco-friendly displays are comprised of 50 percent reclaimed material and are almost 100 percent recyclable.

Further, one common challenge with large video displays is their excessive heat generation and power usage. In contrast, the Nano Curve LED displays installed at Tachi Palace are extremely energy efficient, with a total estimated cost of power consumption of just $1,585 per annum. Plus, no supplemental cooling system is necessary. In fact the displays are cool to the touch.

“To our knowledge, as a worldwide leader in curved indoor LED displays, The Tachi Palace install is the largest non-faceted, sub 10 MM pixel pitch, permanent indoor LED display in all of North America,” said Kip Haverman, JCM’s Senior Director of Sales for North America. “We are proud to offer cutting edge technologies across our entire product portfolio, including our digital media product line. We work closely with each customer to help them select the display and media management system that is best for them, and we also provide complete creative services, from concept to production.”

NanoCurves can be created in any size, shape, or curvature, down to an 18 inch radius. View a video of NanoLumens displays here: http://www.nanolumens.com/display-solutions/nanocurve.

Digital media solutions are one of JCM’s lines of business, which also include bill validation technology, printing technology and system solutions.