The gaming industry has struggled to attract business in the years since the economic downturn transformed consumer behavior and left Americans with little room for entertainment spending. As gaming properties work hard to attract patrons and improve revenue, many are rethinking how they embrace technology to help them bolster efficiency and streamline day-to-day functions.

Mt. Prospect, Ill.-based Cummins Allison, a leading innovator of coin, currency and check processing technology, as well as ATM solutions, believes its money and ticket counters can help casinos streamline time-consuming mandatory processes, allowing them to dedicate more time and resources to customer-facing and revenue-generating front-of-house activities.

Many casinos are looking for new ways to attract patrons and keep them coming back while also finding ways to “do more with less” in order to make up for weak profit margins in recent years. To address these issues, many casinos are looking to invest in cost-efficient, back-room technology, like currency and coin handling solutions, which elevate time-consuming mandatory processes into more efficient tasks. With an all-inclusive currency processing solution, casinos can quickly and easily prepare their deposits, archive and manage their check images, process currency, and process and image tickets—all on one machine.

Selecting a system that can accommodate cash, checks and tickets on a single device not only saves space, but reduces the costs associated with maintaining multiple pieces of equipment. Cummin’s JetScan iFX i400 multi-pocket currency sorter is one such product. In a single pass, bills are counted, identified and authenticated, as well as sorted according to denomination, series, facing, orientation, and fitness for circulation. Additional pockets and more configuration options provide users with the ultimate in machine flexibility and opportunity for growth.

Additionally, by maximizing the equipment’s footprint, casinos can make more productive use of employees’ time. Cummins new JetScan 150 currency sorter does just that. It features a full pocket to stack processed bills as well as a half pocket for off-sorting bills that are questionable or unreadable or for facing and orienting. This allows users to implement non-stop processing into their cash counting operations. Bills are simply off-sorted to the reject pocket without stopping the counter. By improving efficiency, employees spend less time counting money, which helps them end their shifts on time, reducing overtime expense and improving employee morale.

Whether in the count room or the front-of-the-house areas, investing in the latest currency, check and ticket handling technology can minimize document handling process, improve employee efficiency and allow casinos to leverage the cost and time savings to property upgrades to draw more patrons in and keep them coming back.

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