New internal requirements meant that Denmark-based Casino Odense needed to upgrade its existing analog camera system. The property needed an effective camera system with high-quality cameras that had excellent image quality and could record detailed images, maintain a good overview of the premises, and handle complicated lighting conditions.

Casino Odense also wanted to be able to more clearly see transactions at both the slot machines and the gaming tables to make it easier to resolve disputes, thus increasing comfort and security for employees and visitors alike.

To solve this problem, the resort tapped Info-Connect, an IT installation company, to plan and place a new camera system that was reliable, easy to install and adjust, and met the casino’s requirements. After careful consideration, Casino Odense and Info-Connect selected AXIS P1354 Network Cameras, AXIS P3354 Fixed Dome and AXIS P5534 PTZ Dome Network Cameras. A total of over 50 cameras were installed, along with XProtect Corporate software from Milestone Systems.

As a result of this new camera system, Casino Odense is now a safer and more secure environment for both staff and visitors. There has been a decrease in the number of discussions that arise at the gaming tables and, therefore, a decrease in disputes and problems.

Thanks to these positive results, Info-Connect, which is the only IT integrator in Denmark with government authorization for the installation of gaming tables at casinos, has received requests to install similar camera systems at other casinos in Denmark.



Casino Odense, which was recently acquired by Casino Austria International, has had camera surveillance since 1993. When Casinos Austria International bought Casino Odense, additional requirements were set on the cameras. Casino Odense needed high-quality cameras that had excellent image quality; could produce clear images even of small details; could handle complicated lighting conditions; and provided a good overview of the entire casino and all of the people on the premises.

The casino is brightly lit in some places with spotlights, while other areas have more subdued general illumination. Florescent lights and slot machine lighting that shifts in different colors contributed to the complicated lighting conditions.

The AXIS cameras have HDTV quality, and enable Wide Dynamic Range-Dynamic Capture, which means that they provide sharp images even when there are strong variations in lighting conditions. They also have tone mapping for better imaging when there is a wide range between light and dark areas in the image, and maximum frame rate (number of images recorded per second).

AXIS P1354 was installed above the gaming tables and at the slot machines. The cameras were equipped with a wide-angle lens and adjusted to handle reflections from the gaming tables and the white cards. The white balance was also fine-tuned to produce perfect images and ensure the white cards weren’t blurry in the images.

At the tables, the cameras record hands, cards and chips in detail. The cameras see how many chips are in a stack, even if the chips are thin and the lighting is dim. Supplementary cameras show the people around a table during a deal. At the slot machines, where cash transactions take place, the cameras film the entire person and can see, for example, if anyone puts anything in their pocket.

AXIS P5534 and AXIS P3354 are mounted in the ceiling and oversee the entire premises. Sound is captured by the cameras—no additional microphones were needed.

“Axis cameras are very flexible and you can customize them as needed,” said Rasmus Teilmann, CEO for Info-Connect. He also pointed out other advantages, such as that Axis cameras are easy to install and adjust, and that they support remote changes and are reliable.



The cameras help ensure that the casino is a calm and safe place for everyone. “We are immensely pleased with the cameras,” said Eva Lyndgaard, operations manager for Casino Odense. “Now we can even see details at the tables and slot machines. It saves a lot of time for us, since we don’t have to deal with arguments and can quickly produce images. It’s good security—for employees and visitors alike.”

According to Lyndgaard, there are 3-5 incidents every night—everything from chips being forgotten on a gaming table, to a dealer and customer disagreeing on how many chips have been played, to players thinking that a dealer hasn’t shuffled correctly. The game is then stopped and the casino manager goes up to the control room to investigate exactly what has happened. With the help of the cameras and the recorded video material, disputes can be resolved to everyone’s satisfaction.

“We have to be able to trust that the system will always work, every day, year round,” Teilmann added. “It’s about safety and security—and about money for us. Service and support have to function, and the system must be very reliable.”

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