Some of London’s top casinos are being protected by state-of-the-art HD screens thanks to a new security project completed by leading UK audio-visual expert eyevis.

The project created a video wall at the heart of a cutting-edge security control room for Genting UK in London’s Mayfair. Genting UK is the largest casino operator in the country with 35 casinos located from Edinburgh to Plymouth—and the plan is to extend the work of the security room to other venues across the UK. The room is central to the security work ensuring casino operator Genting’s flagship clubs, and its members, are protected from cheats and criminal activity.

The eyevis UK video wall system is made up of six large 46-inch industrial LCD displays, transmission cables and a controller, which show live streams from cameras strategically placed in casino gaming areas. The high definition screens, installed by security experts HD Integrated Systems, allow security staff to hone in and monitor gaming tables in minute detail. They can also spot if there is anything suspicious about a game and if there are any incorrect payouts on the tables.

The screens have ultra-narrow bezels providing only 5.7mm gap between pixels of adjoining screens in a video wall of three columns, across two rows. Front-access brackets allow the screens to pull out during any maintenance investigation for access to the rear.

An eyevis Netpix 4800 series video wall controller configured for up to eight display outputs; 8x PC inputs via DVI; simultaneous decoding and display of up to 32x D1 resolution IP CCTV camera streams; and Eyecon 5 video wall management software. Six eyevis EY-M1-100-20 fibre DVI transmission cables have also been installed to transmit the display outputs from the Netpix video wall controller to the LCD displays comprising the video wall.



At present the eyevis video wall system is protecting six high-profile casinos in the capital. They include its flagship, Crockfords, located in the heart of Mayfair, which is recognized as the world’s oldest private members gaming club. The Colony Club, Maxims Casino Club, The Palm Beach and Cromwell Mint are also covered by the camera system.

Steve Murphy, managing director for eyevis UK, said the work highlighted how valuable video wall technology is in modern security operations. “The center monitors gaming tables across the capital, playing an important role in ensuring games are not infiltrated by cheats and ensuring that staff are operating the tables correctly,” he explained. “The video wall that we have installed is central to the operation. It brings what is happening out on the casino floor into sharp focus. The high-definition screens allow operators to hone in on anything they believe to be suspicious.”

“This was our first project with HDI Systems and we are delighted to have worked with one of the UK’s leading security experts,” Murphy added. “It is part of our growing portfolio of work in the sector as an increasing number of security experts look to take advantage of our industry-leading products and our know-how. We worked closely with the HDI Systems team and the casino operator throughout to ensure a system that really meets their needs now and in the future.”

 Eyevis UK, which has bases in London, Manchester and Lancashire, provides video wall displays and audio visual solutions to a range of sectors across the UK, including CCTV, security and traffic control. For more information, visit