20915_DoortronicsEmergPull_300Dortronics Systems, Inc., a leading provider of standard and custom finish access control products, is making it easier for occupants to quickly exit a building with its Emergency Pull Station series. Ideal for use in hospitals, schools and industrial facilities, and with a variety of door or access systems, the 6510-S35 features a single pull action to provide instant egress and alarm activation in the event of an emergency situation. The 6510 COV plastic cover discourages improper activation while providing moisture protection during wash-down operations.

“Our Pull Stations can be used for emergency egress with interlock or mantrap systems or even as an override on an access control system,” said Bryan Sanderford, National Sales Manager, Dortronics Systems, Inc. “They are quick and easy to install and just as easily operated to provide maximum safety and security.”

Designed with dual SPDT switches, one set of contacts breaks the lock power when activated and a second set of contacts allows connection to an alarm or access control system. The unit mounts to a standard single gang electrical box and wiring is accomplished by utilizing the screw terminals on the back of the unit to connect to any system or device. System reset is as simple as installing a new acrylic break rod.

The 6510-S35 is often combined with the 6510 COV which features an anti-tamper cover made from clear, super tough polycarbonate. The 6510 COV can be outfitted with optional enhancements including a Piezo sounder that emits a piercing 95 dB or 105 dB warning horn. Also available as options are a set of SPDT contacts to communicate with any card access system when the cover is opened. Weather proof gaskets are optional for outdoor installations. All models of the 6510 Pull Station are available in three colors and custom text availability.