21015_MegapixelHDFisheyeSAMSUNG_300Samsung Techwin continues to take the lead in offering high-performance imaging solutions that help improve situational awareness across a broad range of applications. Its newly released SNF-8010 and the new mobile SNF-8010VM Fisheye cameras offer 5 megapixel definition with digital pan/tilt/zoom (P/T/Z), intelligent video analytics and on-board SDXC storage up to 64GB, and are increasingly being specified for projects where there is a requirement to monitor activity 24/7 in environments such as banks, offices, retail and warehouses.

“Our new megapixel fisheye cameras perfectly complement new or upgraded video surveillance systems with high quality images,” said Tom Cook, Vice President, Sales, Samsung Techwin America. “With built-in intelligence and a wide range of options to choose from, Samsung’s megapixel fisheye cameras greatly enhance situational awareness as well as providing the ultimate in versatility and cost-efficiency.”

Images captured with the SNF-8010/8010VM Fisheye Cameras can be dewarped and/or displayed in a variety of configurations, including single or double panorama and 360° view as well as other view configurations. Images can also be dewarped on the client side for viewing and recorded in full 360° view prior to dewarping. PTZ functionality allows users to electronically pan, tilt and zoom in on specific areas for a more detailed view.

Intelligent motion detection allows the cameras to detect motion while ignoring small, repetitive motions that could generate false alarms. With this feature, users can also configure the camera’s sensitivity, object size (minimum/maximum) and detection (or privacy mask).

The built-in microphone on the SNF-8010 provides audio detection capability, making it ideally suited for blind spots, low-light areas and other locations where video detection may be challenging. The camera also enables bi-directional audio communications and audio compression in G.711 u-law or G.726 format.

With an M12 connector and an IK10/IP66 rated enclosure, the SNF-8010VM is ideal for use in transportation applications, such as buses and trains where it can be used internally to monitor passenger activity or externally to monitor the road or track ahead to provide video evidence of any incident.

Both cameras provide 12VDC PoE capability, alarm input and output, and the ability to detect tampering and network disconnection. In the event of network disruption, video is automatically recorded to the camera’s on-board SDXC storage to ensure continuous coverage.

The SNF-8010 and 8010VM feature automatic day/night image capture, privacy masking and alarm triggers for motion detection and network disconnection. Advanced Samsung technology engineered into the camera’s design includes Samsung Super Dynamic Range (SSDR) and Samsung Digital Noise Reduction (SSNRIII). The cameras are capable of transmitting video at 20fps at 5 megapixels or 30fps at 3 megapixels with dewarped images.

Samsung’s smart codec allow users to set regions of interest, such as vehicles, faces and other parts of a scene to be captured in fuller detail than the remainder of the scene, allowing the SNF-8010 and 8010VM to produce lower data rates while clearly highlighting regions of interest. The new smart codec will deliver faster transmission speeds while effectively reducing bandwidth traffic and storage requirements.

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