21015_GBGroupLogo_300GBGroup plc, the specialist in identity intelligence solutions, has announced today that Sky Betting and Gaming is the first online gaming company to employ its global identity transaction monitoring software to aid fraud protection, improve operational efficiency and promote responsible gambling.

The software enables the company to see a 360 degree view of its users - from initial compliance checks to monitoring player behaviour - so they can step in when potential fraudulent activities and signs of problem gambling are presented. It is the same software that is already in use by the banking sector to spot fraudulent credit card use as well as financial transactions linked to money laundering activities.

The face of the online gaming industry is changing and the issue of problem and underage gambling is moving up the political agenda. Online gaming companies all over the globe, including Sky Betting and Gaming, are taking steps to increase their protection of those that matter most to their business - the players.

Peter Murray, Head of Gaming at GBGroup explained: "Trust is a term we hear a lot these days, yet it is a word that is conspicuously absent when discussions turn to the online gaming industry. Although most people gamble without harm, research from Gamble Aware has shown that up to 590,000 adults in the UK may have a gambling problem. As a multi-billion pound industry, online gaming providers have a social responsibility to ensure their products and services are ethical, fair and that players are protected."

Today online gaming companies need to get the perfect balance between making the customer feel great, and responsibly protecting their brand from repercussions that can arise if a player is possibly not who they claim to be, or someone who can't afford to be playing. To do this they need to prove that they have the ability to understand and know their customers, and can reliably provide a good player experience while performing rigorous security and identity verification checks. Only then will trust be achieved in the gaming industry.

Murray continues. "Sky Betting and Gaming have long recognised that robust security checks ensure they know exactly who is participating in their virtual arena and they look to leave no room for error. The key challenge is to distinguish between fraudulent and ‘good’ gamers, VIPs or problem gambling and Sky Betting and Gaming is at the forefront of online companies looking to take responsibility for ensuring they support and facilitate ethical gaming. GBGroup's software can go a long way to help this process."

Richard Flint, Managing Director at Sky Betting and Gaming, explained: "We've worked with GBGroup for over eight years and they are vital to our business. They provide our identity verification solutions and, as we look towards further international expansion, their solutions ensure our regulatory compliance is adhered to in each international country. Extending our identity intelligence solutions into the transaction monitoring area not only provides us with the security that we are internationally compliant but also gives us the tools that allow us to react to the ever changing regulatory landscape and industry trends."

"We already have a great reputation for our approach to social responsibility having won industry awards for it in recent years. GBGroup's technology allows us to take our trusted relationship with our customers one step further - not just in terms of the products and service we offer, but also that the information we know about who they are and how they play is being used for their benefit and safety. GBGroup enables us to understand their behaviours so we can protect them throughout their gaming experience."