030415_CocoonSeating_300Sandler Seating presents Cocoon. Is it a chair? Is it a screen? Is it a space rocket? Cocoon is an acoustic seating unit providing both privacy and personal space.

Designed by Danish Architect Carsten Buhl, Cocoon has soft, futurist shapes; and like the caterpillar transforming into a beautiful butterfly, Cocoon instantly transforms your environment into peace and tranquillity. Seated in the Cocoon you are shielded against the noise and pulse around you. Should it get too quiet, just switch on your Smartphone and let your favourite music flow out through the built-in Bluetooth speakers. Adjustable LED lighting is fitted to complete the mood. Cocoon is mounted on discreet lockable casters for easy mobility whilst the segmented upholstery allows endless choices in color and texture.

Dimensions - 69.3”(h) x 39.5”(w) x 39.5” (d)