030415_WinSystemsLogo_300Win Systems, a global technology supplier for the gaming and entertainment industry, has successfully installed its Casino Management System WIGOS, in the Jubilee casino belonging to the Logrand Group, in Monterrey, Mexico.

This is one of the most important migrations for Win Systems, in that its star product WIGOS has not only replaced the existing system from one of the leading companies of the sector, but has also done so in the largest casino in Mexico. The complete version of WIGOS, with all available modules, has been installed, in order to provide Logrand with a complete and sophisticated suite of tools for optimal casino management.

The installation of WIGOS is part of the migration project that the Logrand Group plans to execute in all its casinos, and which will be completed within the coming weeks.

Eric Benchimol, Win Systems’ CEO says: “We are extremely satisfied with the installation of our WIGOS system in the Jubilee casino. Logrand is a very experienced and sophisticated operator, which is why we are very proud that they have chosen Win Systems as its Casino Management system provider to replace its current system. This confirms the high standards of our WIGOS product, which is ideally suited for small casinos through to venues with 1500 machines or more. WIGOS has reached a high level of excellence, unseating the big systems thanks to the reliability and quality of the product, together with our customer service. That is why we are very pleased that each day more operators from all over the world choose and trust in WIGOS to improve their operations and increase the profitability of their casino operations.

Alejandro Marroquín, Information Technology Director of the Logrand Group adds: “We are convinced of the benefits that this system provides for our casino management processes, from accounting, statistics and audit, through to marketing, promotions, bonusing, customer loyalty and player tracking."

Win Systems offers solid and reliable systems with the experience of thousands and millions of ERROR-FREE transactions, in compliance with the most strict governmental security requirements established in different countries.