Zitro has plans to launch its Class II line of bingo gaming machines in the later part of 2015, but that does not mean the company will come to NIGA 2015 without new products to showcase.

Front and center for Zitro will be its Bingo Electronic Terminal, or BET, solution. BET is a fully-automated bingo system with multiple terminals that can be housed in gaming environments ranging from bingo halls to casino slot floors. The 90-ball draw system allows the player sitting at the BET station to buy and play up to 200 cards. They can also play popular Zitro bingo games on the terminals such as Last Bingo in Paris and Fishmania, according to Sam Basile, chief executive officer for Zitro USA.

“Operators now have the freedom to offer the bingo experience inside or outside the traditional hall environment,” Basile said. “They can run BET opposite hours from paper sessions or 24/7 since the games cycle every four minutes or so.”

The Class II-compliant system features technology that can create a linked prize pool shared between terminals within an existing facility or multiple properties. This creates larger prizes and also allows operators to customize the game experience so that, after they hit a number of balls, players win individual in-game prizes, prizes for the entire hall and, sometimes, prizes for everyone playing on the entire network.

“I see a lot of promise in the BET system,” Basile said. “We can actually bring the bingo hall experience to the casino floor and vice versa. I think the BET system will allow the player who really just likes to interact with paper to enjoy a bingo session where the stress of watching and daubing multiple cards is eliminated, and they can sit back and truly enjoy the anticipation and excitement of a bingo game.”

Zitro will also display the latest software enhancements for its Blackwave cabinet at NIGA, as well as the new games for its World of Bingo Facebook site.

Visit www.zitrousa.com for more info.