I don’t know about you, but whenever I come across one of those best places to live articles while surfing the Web, I almost always drop whatever I am doing to read it.

I can’t give you any real reason why I do this, other than perhaps the desire to find out if the place I am currently at is up to snuff, so to speak. I also peruse other stories in the “best places” genre (work, eat, drink, vacation and so on) for much the same reason—the confirmation that I am on the right track, or to discover the situations that may be a step up and something to shoot for.

Therefore, it is with pride that I announce Casino Journal is partnering with Best Companies Group to determine the top places to work in the casino industry. The 2016 Best Casino To Work contest is a survey and recognition program dedicated to identifying and recognizing the best employers in the gaming industry. To qualify for the contest, participants must be a publically or privately held business, have a casino facility in either the United States or Canada, have been open for a minimum of one year and employ over 15 people.

Companies that meet these criteria are invited to visit www.bestcasinostoworkfor.com, where they can access entry materials and participate in the contest for a fee. Best Companies Group then conducts a simple yet thorough company assessment. The assessment is a two-part process designed to gather detailed data about each participating company. In part one, the employer completes a questionnaire and in part two, employees of the company complete an employee survey. The collected information from the two instruments will be combined to produce a detailed set of data enabling the analysts to determine the strengths and opportunities of the participating companies. The workplaces are ranked based on this data and an Employee Feedback Report is sent to each participating company.

While determining who made “the list” is very exciting and extremely beneficial to the ranked companies, the Best Companies Group Employee Feedback Report is where the real value lies. All participating companies will receive the results of the employee survey, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of their workplace according to what their employees had to say. The report is used to identify the opportunities that exist to build a better workplace.

This four-part report provides a detailed view of your employees’ responses to the 78 survey questions. Included are data spreadsheets showing the percent of positive and negative responses for each of the survey questions, along with the percent of positive responses within seven demographic categories (gender, age, ethnicity, duration of employment, full- or part-time status, role and department); a listing of the employee comments transcribed exactly as submitted by employees from the two open-ended questions asked on the employee survey; a benchmark report that represents the average responses for each of the 78 statements for all the program’s list-making and non-list-making companies; and an Employer Benchmark Summary that offers a sample of company averages on standard employee benefits and best practices—for all companies that make the list, and those that do not.

The deadline to enter the 2016 Best Casinos To Work For contest is May 1.

 If your company qualifies, I strongly suggest you enter. After all, who doesn’t want a chance to be considered the number one of anything?