As Millennials descend on Las Vegas, casino resorts are actively looking for new ways to attract this completely new generation of gamers. With this demographic constantly plugged in and more technologically savvy than ever, MGM Resorts unveiled a new high-tech experience that will give these multitasking Millennials and Gen Xers the ability to access social media, free-play gaming, TV, fantasy sports and a virtual concierge, all on a single, familiar platform.

MGM Grand and The Mirage are the first locations in the U.S. to introduce the InteractivePro Tables from SHIFT Interactive, a division of Suzo-Happ Group. Resembling giant smartphones, these 10-point multi-touch tables have eight speakers, 16 headphone jacks and 42-inch tabletop screens configurable up to four ways so friends are able to interact with one another or choose to play solo.

“The InteractivePro tables have been in several bars and lounges at The Mirage and MGM Grand for a few months and the customers we’re seeing use them are younger than those we see on the casino floor,” said Tom Mikulich, senior vice president of business development, MGM Resorts International.”  They are typically in their late 20s to early 40s and are looking for a social experience with friends. Our society continues to rely on staying digitally connected and these tables are appealing because guests can socialize in a familiar environment… As these tables are integrated into more venues throughout our resorts, I think we’ll see people of all ages finding them appealing and will use the technology for gaming and socializing.”

The digital tables allow users to get social, they can browse social media as well share what they’re playing or doing right from the table. They also offer more than 20 network TV channels and access to fantasy sports leagues, but if all users aren’t sports fans, the table is configurable into two or more screens.

As for gaming, since the tables currently only feature free-play games, players can bet as big or small as they want. Users will have access to myVEGAS—MGM Resorts’ free social casino app that gives players a chance to earn real-world rewards throughout Las Vegas.

 According to Mikulich, by fourth quarter of 2015, MGM Resorts expects these tables to feature real-money sports betting, video slots and video table games, and to be available in more lounges, nightclub and pools. “With all the features InteractivePro Tables are capable of offering, we believe these digital tables are the next wave in gaming,” he said.