032315_BetConstructGameStore_300BetConstruct, the award-winning developer and provider of online and land-based betting and gaming solutions and services, has announced the launch of a new ground-breaking service called Game Store.

Game Store allows game developers the opportunity to turn their creativity and technical expertise into hard cash and earn royalties from any and all of their games that get deployed on the BetConstruct platform.

BetConstruct has established a transparent process and concise API to make it simple for third parties to integrate casino and skill games into their platform.
Vahe Baloulian, BetConstruct’s CEO said “This type of opportunity offers the potential for any independent developer or game expert to have unfettered access to a revenue stream that has, until now, been mostly beyond their reach. It is part of the innovative Spring Platform, which we launched at the ICE 2015. There are so many incredible developers who don’t have the opportunity to complete “the last mile” – i.e. to get their games in front of the real money gambling public. Game Store changes everything in this regard. It is a win-win situation for all as BetConstruct gets to offer their partners totally new and unique games.”