032315_VulcanKitchenSteamer_300Vulcan, the leading provider of commercial cooking equipment, announces the launch of a new low-water steamer. The Vulcan C24EA LWE is the first ENERGY STAR qualified à la carte, counter-top, generator-based convection steamer. The model is revolutionary as it uses 90 percent less water than comparable models, saving operators money and energy without sacrificing cooking quality.

The lower water usage also reduces scale build-up, so cleaning and maintenance are less frequent. Filters will last longer, with replacement needed only once per year. In addition to saving 30 percent on energy compared to similar models, an ENERGY STAR qualification means operations can be eligible for rebates.

“Our C24EA LWE steamer represents the next generation of innovation and performance, designed with the foodservice industry’s priorities in mind,” says Cedric Stinson, Business Development Manager of Vulcan Steam. “With 90 percent water savings and 30 percent energy savings, the new steamer is good for the environment and delivers significant business advantages for operations.”

To learn more, visit vulcanequipment.com/Products/Electric-Low-Water-Energy-Convection-Steamer/.