033015_pokerbunga_300Poker as a professional sport is the latest to catch the fancy of Indians. With international poker tournaments, such as the World Series of Poker raking in more than USD 8 million for the tournament winners for the past few years, it was just a matter of time before India picked up on the cues and the tournament frenzy in India began to catch roots.

Poker Tournaments have been picking up pace across India in both online poker [https://www.pokabunga.com/online-poker-india ] as well as offline poker tournament formats. The frontrunner in promoting this sport of skill and mind, www.pokabunga.com [http://www.pokabunga.com ] announced today that the total prize money accumulated by the winners of poker tournaments, held by them on their Online Poker website during the festivals of Diwali and Holi, was more than Rs. 5 million. Their offline poker tournaments, held at various venues across the cities of Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai have been catching steam rapidly and have been growing in participation by more than 200% with every season.

 PokaBunga.com is the pioneer in online real money gaming in India with its flagship products, Online Poker [https://www.pokabunga.com/poker ] and Rummy [https://www.pokabunga.com/rummy ] , under a single multi-device compatible platform, a first of its kind in India. At PokaBunga, Indians can play a multitude of variants of poker and rummy with other fellow Indians for real money. Players can deposit money directly through their debit cards, credit cards or any net banking account, or even request for cash pick up. The winnings are directly credited into the bank accounts of the players upon a request after necessary deductions.

PokaBunga.com lies at the cusp of the growing real money poker gaming industry in

India. An industry which is growing at a CAGR of almost 70% p.a. with increased mobile and network penetration, the gaming industry is exploring new boundaries in India through such real money gaming formats in the social gaming MMOG sphere.

IIM Graduate Nalini Jain, Co-founder, WYZ Games India Private Limited, the holding company of PokaBunga.com, stated in a press release, "India is now prepared to take its leap into the real money gaming space. With professional poker picking up ground worldwide as a game of skill and a professional sport, the endeavour of PokaBunga is to promote the sport in India and to provide its players with a world-class gaming platform. Our security standards and certifications are internationally renowned and the experience for an Indian player playing on PokaBunga is second to none. Our endeavour is to leverage on and to showcase the technical and business expertise of Indians in the gaming domain to the rest of the world. Our technical innovation and leadership has been proudly acknowledged by various international industry veterans and India is the next big market for most international companies operating in this domain. PokaBunga.com is well positioned to capitalize on this interest and to create new landmarks for the Indian poker and rummy real money gaming industry." Nalini signed out of her final placements at IIM to pursue this unique venture.

WYZ Games India Private Limited also has plans of launching International Skins in this space soon.