033115_CasinoDataImaginglogo_300Casino Data Imaging announced the release of GlobalSuite™ Enterprise EV1.5 multi-casino analysis solution. The release follows the company’s successful rollout of GlobalSuite V1.5 single property version that includes new interactive analytical and operational dashboards plus enhanced designing tools for casino floor layouts.
“The latest edition of GlobalSuite™ Enterprise is a mashup of customer feedback with version 1.5 features producing a more robust multi-casino environment,” said George Levine, CDI’s corporate spokesman. “This allows analysts to view any single or grouping of casinos for individual and consolidated performance analysis.” Cross location analysis is handy when analyzing specific themes, lease games, cabinet styles, variances, casino floor layouts, denominations, conversions, manufacturers, game asset inventories and more. To optimize decision making, EV1.5 makes it easy for multi-casino accounts to grant access to groups of key users for team brainstorming and exchanging of ideas. The version upgrade applies to all GlobalSuite components including data visualization, interactive dashboards, and report analysis for slots, tables, and player data modules.
In addition to new sales, the company continues to upgrade existing standalone and multi-casino operations from CDI legacy programs to the latest GlobalSuite™ technologies.
GlobalSuite™ advanced visualization and analysis can be used standalone or complement a casino’s existing BI assets. CDI’s platform breakthrough allows us to continue to extend the capabilities of the 2D/3D visualization, control center interactive dashboards, and reporting components that advances GlobalSuite’s product development path. This includes utilizing tools available in Microsoft’s BI stack such as Power Pivot, Power Query, Power View, Power Designer and Power Map, along with the data mining add-ins and browser features to further business intelligence for individual and team analysis.