041315_MelbourneCasinoPowersoft_300The Crown Casino & Entertainment Complex in Melbourne, Australia, bills itself as the city’s premier entertainment complex, offering world-class accommodation, restaurants, shopping and gaming.

Its vibrant bar/nightclub recently underwent a major refurbishment as part of a multi-million dollar development project, followed soon after by a rebrand from The Common Room to the Crown Sports Bar. In addition to offering 20 TV screens (and 200in big screen) for sports enthusiasts and regular live music, the facility took the opportunity to rev up its sound system.

Once again the Crown turned to Powersoft amplifiers which have provided a long term solution for the Casino in view of their high performance and power-saving green credentials. According to Ben Clarke, Technical Support Manager of Production Audio Video Technology (PAVT), the local distributor for Powersoft, this successful partnership has developed over a long period.

“Q, D, M and K Series, as well as Ottocanali (8-channel) models have all featured across the many applications the resort requires,” he says. “Approximately five years ago the case was made for a good sounding, high channel density, high efficiency amplification platform to become their standard — all of the attributes that Powersoft has helped to pioneer.”

In the latest fit-out, Powersoft DSP K series amplifiers have again been specified by technology specialists Point of View (PoV) to drive an EAW system, consisting of QX594 (FOH) and SBK250 (subs), optimized with its proprietary UX8800 DSP platform.

In terms of processing, the UX8800 handles the DSP and feeds into Powersoft’s high performance K series touring amplifiers — comprising K2’s and K3’s.

A Powersoft K2 drives the passive MF/HF circuits of the two EAW QX594 loudspeakers and a pair of K3’s handle the dual LF circuits of the two QX594s. Two Powersoft K3-DSP-AESOP are assigned to control the VLF circuits of the four EAW SBK250 subwoofers, while another pair of K2’s run the passive LF/HF circuits of the four EAW Microwedge10 stage foldback system. Finally, a further K2 powers the passive LF/HF circuits of the two JF8 infill loudspeakers

According to Ben Clarke, the Powersoft K3-DSP-AESOP, chosen for the subwoofers, utilised the Damping Factor Compensation to great effect. “This effectively eliminated the effects of the cabling, providing increased attack, clarity and musicality to the very low frequencies.”

Stephen Sokolowski, Corporate Intelligence Operations Manager, stated, “This was a truly challenging environment for us. For the client to demand such high quality sound system in such an intimate space, where varying musicians will be performing nightly, and where major sports events will be televised, we needed something that had incredible control to keep away from the gaming floors, and accommodate the full range and diversity that Crown expected.

“Powersoft again delivered everything and more for us, and the PAVT guys were supportive every step of the way, Crown Casino is thrilled with the result.”

Crown Casino’s stated approach is to engage people using sensory experience, with this development project geared at appealing to both new and younger patrons. The delivery of this pristine audio experience is a significant part of making this vision a reality.