43015_SecureRFlogo_300SecureRF Corporation will be participating in this week’s anti-counterfeiting conference in San Diego hosted by International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition – the world’s largest non-profit organization devoted solely to protecting intellectual property and deterring counterfeiting. During the IACC Spring 2015 Conference, April 29 – May 1, SecureRF will be showcasing its Veridify intelligent product solution that can help protect brands against the effects of counterfeit activity while creating real-time, one-to-one consumer engagement opportunities.

Veridify, a product authentication and anti-counterfeiting solution based on Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, expands and strengthens a manufacturer’s anti-counterfeiting reach by enabling consumers and commercial partners to instantly validate a product’s authenticity through an easy-to-use smartphone application. Additionally, Veridify offers an optional consumer “cloud” service that allows companies to capture and retrieve real-time product interest information that can be leveraged to fine-tune merchandising strategy and deliver high-impact, direct-to-consumer marketing touches to nurture incremental revenue. 

“SecureRF is excited to once again be participating at an IACC event,” said Louis Parks, SecureRF’s CEO. “We are looking forward to building on the interest generated at last fall’s event by demonstrating the added levels of protection and marketing opportunities that Veridify can bring to IACC member companies.”

Veridify incorporates the strongest security methods available to provide a full range of highly secure identification and authentication functions. The embedded security methods also prevent copying or cloning of the associated tags. 

The Veridify solution is applicable to various industries including luxury fashion, liquor and wine, electronics, pharmaceutical and any other manufacturer of high-value goods that are often the targets of counterfeiters.