According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the gaming industry is expected to add 62,000 well-paying positions in the next decade.  

Today, the gaming market generates $240 billion to the nation’s economy and $38 billion in taxes needed to pay for essential public services. Once abandoned communities are seeing a rebirth as more casinos open; offering new jobs spurring on ancillary business and economic growth.

There is substantial proof the gaming industry is on the mend, and many property owners and gaming industry leaders are now spreading the word on the important influence the gaming market has on the U.S economy. However, it is also crucial to understand that businesses cannot be successful without the hard work and dedication of its employees.

In February, the American Gaming Association introduced their “Gaming Votes” initiative, with the goal of ensuring that future presidential candidates recognize the positive impact the gaming industry has on driving economic growth. Nevada’s casino gaming market alone provides 425,000 jobs, produces $7.9 billion in taxes and creates $53 billion in economic activity. While the initiative aspires to illustrate the importance of the gaming industry, the events that will take place throughout the country will give employees the opportunity to voice their appreciation for secure employment in this growing market.

Due to the huge impact the Great Recession had on the economy, individuals are now attracted to the concept of improving the general lives of others. Stories of employee success resonate in our hearts, and people are motivated by compelling and relatable actions. As those employees who take part in the AGA initiative share their gratitude for the gaming industry, it will create a more meaningful impact; ultimately attracting the support of a nationwide audience. As it becomes more apparent that people are further motivated by emotional connections, casinos need to recognize trends such as customization and humanization as an agent to create intense loyalty and engagement to their specific property.

In today’s competitive market, being proactive in creating better employee relationships through authentic loyalty programs will distinguish your casino’s success or failure. Appreciation is transferable; when positive emotions and feelings are visually and verbally transpired from a casino’s employees, that positive feeling is transmitted to its players and guests. This method will assist in renovating a property’s culture, helping it become a desirable environment where employees want to work and players want to be steadily involved.

With the implementation of a loyalty program, employees have the opportunity to voice their value to a property’s overall success, in return, allowing property leaders to express their appreciation in an efficient manner. As the importance of the gaming industry continues to grow, casinos should not forget that their employees are the direct representation of their property’s values, defining the ambiance within the space. When they feel acknowledged and are given recognition, it clearly defines the DNA of your property.

 This emotional and personal connection will transpire to players, positively impacting the overall success of your casino.