52815_NiagraGreen_300Niagara Casinos was awarded a 4 Green Keys rating from Green Key Global acknowledging their sustainable convention facilities and practices, topping off another year of substantial environmental initiatives at both Fallsview Casino Resort and Casino Niagara.

Green Key Global, a leading environmental certification body, takes a comprehensive look at how facilities perform in key areas, such as: energy, water, waste, training, policies, procurement, auditing, air quality, and more. Facilities are then awarded a rating from one to five Keys, five being the highest attainable. Detailed performance reports showcase accomplishments while also outlining improvements to be considered.

"We consider this rating a significant achievement for our business" said Greg Medulun, Communications Director at Niagara Casinos. "Obtaining 4 Green Keys is just a small piece of our overall commitment to environmentally sustainable practices in every aspect of our organization."

Niagara Casinos has operated a successful cross-property green initiatives program since 2010, and the almost 4,000 Associates working at the Casinos are strongly encouraged to take part in sustainable activities both in the workplace and at home.

Other green initiative advancements from the 2014-15 fiscal year include:


    -- The replacement of all 1,425 incandescent bulbs and 47 pole heads in the

        10 storey parking garage at Fallsview Casino with energy-efficient LED

        bulbs for an approximate annual saving of $216,000 and 202.4 kW

    -- LED lighting retrofitted into the gaming areas on the third floor and in

        the front-of-house washroom facilities at Casino Niagara, providing an

        approximate annual saving of $108,000 and 123.36 kW

    -- The purchase of a Bulb Eater 3 machine to break-down used CFL, MR16 and

        fluorescent tube bulbs preventing the harmful gases contained within the

        bulbs from escaping. This device also mitigates the need for monthly

        pickups, saving money and diverting over 8,000 bulbs from landfills each


    -- The installation of a 7,000 pound bio-digester unit, (EnviroPure's

        EWP-7000) utilizing an industrial shredder to intake organics, and

        process the resulting matter into grey water. The bio-digester results

        in a reduction of haulage fees for organic waste previously trucked

        off-property for composting

    -- The installation of utility meters at both properties to help identify

        energy inefficiencies in real time - information then used in the

        strategic planning of future green initiatives

    -- The addition of 28 of variable speed drives (VSDs) to the 14 air

        handling units at Casino Niagara , enabling efficiency during the

        operation of air exchange, resulting in an approximate annual saving of

        over $300,000

    -- The installation of VSDs on the cooling towers and soft-start motors at

        Fallsview Casino for the hotel's hot water boosters, reducing electrical

        grid load and resulting in an approximate annual saving of over $40,000

    -- The collection of 1,500 pounds of used sealed cell batteries for

        donation to The Hotel Dieu Shaver Health & Rehabilitation Centre. Hotel

        Dieu is able to recycle the batteries for monetary value, using the

        funds to purchase much-needed patient-care equipment for the

        rehabilitation program

Additionally, in an effort to continually improve the carbon footprint of both properties, Niagara Casinos recently partnered with the Niagara Sustainability Initiative (NSI) to take part in their flagship program, the Carbon Project, whereby organizations work towards measuring, reporting and committing to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

As a new monitoring member, Niagara Casinos has established a data baseline for energy and fuel usage at both properties, and will be compiling usage data going forward to determine the current carbon footprint and identify ways to reduce it.