61015_SepcoSolarCinmarron_300SEPCO SolarCimarron, Solar-powered, pole-mounted LED area, parking lot, roadway and walkway lights, provide crisp white, ultra long-lasting light precisely where needed at motorist and pedestrian levels — without dependence on any electrical-utility grid system. SEPCO SolarCimarron is solar powered at all times, 100% “off grid,” self-storing and automatically self-recharging.

Product Design:

SEPCO, Solar Electric Power Company, In-House Solar-Lighting Product Development and Engineering Team. “The Solar-Lighting Experts.”


SEPCO, founded 1994. A U.S. entrepreneurial family-owned manufacturer exclusively of solar lighting luminaires, and solar-power systems for “off grid” outdoor lighting.

Product Applications:

One SEPCO can be used in parking areas or paths that are cost prohibitive to have electrical power feed. The SEPCO Cimarron offers a high quality system with optical performance to match the same lighting that is used for commercial grid lights in a stand-alone solar lighting platform.

SEPCO SolarCimarron consumes as little as 10 up to 425 off-grid solar-power watts, with a minimum of five night’s autonomy from stored power. SEPCO™ solar-power assemblies are integral to the light and pole, sized according to customer requirements, installation location or site conditions.

SEPCO SolarCimarron is available in four light-distribution patterns, five mounting options. Each model and its wattage saves 100% of grid-based electrical energy; lowers maintenance costs; lasts for decades; makes electrical-grid brownouts or failures things of the past. SolarCimarron qualifies for LEED points on projects. It exemplifies the most energy-efficient, most cost-efficient, longest-lasting, lowest maintenance contemporary outdoor lighting design available today anywhere.

SEPCO SolarCimarron places direct-downward, high color-rendition white light along public or private areas of any kind: primary, secondary or tertiary roads; pedestrian walkways; public/private parking lots or curbsides; throughout cityscapes, suburban, semi-rural or rural applications. SolarCimarron’s solar-powered LED light is Dark-Sky compliant, low-glare; minimizes light trespass, spillover or wasted light. Light sources last for years; fixtures and poles, or other outdoor surface mounting options, last decades.

Product Description: 

SEPCO SolarCimarron has a slender, low-scale rectangular lighthead that readily complements newer or older site areas, landscapes, structural architecture, roadways and walkways. Lighthead surfaces retard sediment or moisture buildup. Less heat gets trapped within SEPCO SolarCimarron luminaires, significantly reducing junction temperatures, maximizing LED light output with 100,000-hour rated lamp and electrical component life. Critical LED components remain cool because of the SEPCO solar-powered lighthead and LED lightsource design; no grates, screens or other external debris-control devices are needed.

Compact solar-panel assemblies for SEPCO SolarCimarron are selected and programed by SEPCO in-house solar-lighting engineers to automatically recharge concealed storage-battery assemblies. SolarCimarron illumination is custom-tweaked to customer locations and uses.

Many SEPCO SolarCimarron light-pole options are available in accordance with power-assembly size, wind-load requirements, and with direct burial poles, anchor- or transformer-base options. Poles available in choices aluminum, composite fiberglass or galvanized steel.

Light arrays have LEDs with individual wattages, ranging from 15 to 90 in square or rectangular patterns on thermally-efficient metal-clad circuit boards. SEPCOSolarCimarron has no additional at-installation ventilation requirements. IESNA Type II, III, IV, V and other light-distribution patterns readily available. For ocean shore areas, SEPCO™ turtle-friendly lighting is also available.

Individual LED dimming drivers are sealed to IP66 or IP67 standards. Located on the inside of a removable screw-fastened swing-down door, access is provided to drivers and to a time-saving push-button terminal block. Made in the USA at our own modern plant.