Technological change can be a daunting proposition, even for surveillance and security departments who have seen it all.

But today a growing number of surveillance and security departments are facing a common and somewhat unsettling situation—stick with known but increasingly obsolete systems that rely on analog cameras, encoders and network video recorders (NVR), or upgrade to High Definition Internet Protocol (IP) cameras, renewed servers, storage and network equipment, which offer much more in terms of resolution and performance. It’s never an easy decision to make, choosing between something that is familiar versus something new and unknown.  Honeywell is here to help make this transition smoother for casino surveillance personnel.  Honeywell believes every casino should be upgrading to IP technology, and offers cost-effective migration strategies with cutting-edge surveillance products and systems that are simple to expand, refresh and sustain.



When it comes to surveillance systems and casinos, Honeywell Security Products Americas has the knowhow to support its claims.  Honeywell’s commitment to the gaming industry goes back well over 20 years to the first MAXPRO installation in a casino with its patented VCR Management System. Today, Honeywell has over 200,000 channels of digital video installed in gaming in North America. On the Las Vegas Strip alone, 75 percent of the casinos have chosen Honeywell as their security and surveillance company of choice. Honeywell is also a well-known and respected surveillance supplier in gaming jurisdictions throughout the United States and around the world.

An advantage to being in the gaming marketplace for over 20 years is that Honeywell has been able to employ former casino surveillance directors and technicians as regional technical manager (RTMs), and incorporate their valuable insight into product development. In addition, almost all of Honeywell’s video products for casinos have been conceived and perfected in direct consultation with the company’s major gaming customers.  These features include:


MAXPRO VMS (Video Management System);

  • Incident Management Mode, which provides the ability to burn sequential clips;
  • Surrounding Cameras, which allows anyone to be followed throughout the facility with a simple click of the mouse;
  • Operator Messaging, and its ability to send live or recorded video with a message;
  • Remote Monitor Synchronization, which allows surveillance members in different locations to see what you see;

Integrated Data Manager, a robust Point of Sale solution that is more cost-effect and efficient than purchasing a third-party solution.

Wide Area People Counting, which provides invaluable data to marketing and finance on occupancy levels in any area of the casino.

Gaming customer input also played a vital role in the development of Honeywell’s HD3 series of fixed cameras and HDZ series of PTZs, which offer best in class image quality at the industry’s lowest bandwidth, and feature the following casino-friendly functionalities:

  • Guaranteed 30 fps per gaming standards;
  • Optimal low-light performance with effective Digital Noise Reduction;
  • Low bandwidth and storage;
  • Open Standards—ONVIF or PSIA;
  • Broad selection—Box, Mini Dome, PTZ;
  • H.264 compression; 720p, 1080p resolution;
  • Power—POE / 12Vdc / 24Vac;
  • Wide Dynamic Range—high contrast scene management; and
  • Remote zoom and focus for 1080P fixed cameras.

Another customer concern has been seamless integration between subsystems. In response, Honeywell products are designed to work together with native integration. Events from one system component can be monitored by others, enabling multiple subsystems to operate as one seamless system. Integrated systems include the following: MAXPRO VMS video management system; Lobby Works visitor management; VISTA intrusion control panel; wireless online and offline locks; Vindicator perimeter protection; Active Alert video analytics; Integrated Data Manager; and UltraKey customizable keyboards. This technology also allows MAXPRO VMS to integrate with the company’s Pro-Watch access control system, where events on either system are shared between SQL databases and can trigger any desired action. Unlike traditional access control and video integration where CCTV commands are sent from the access control system, MAXPRO VMS can receive raw alarm messages from any third party system capable of sending an ASCII string. These alarms can then trigger any desired CCTV response.



Honeywell recognizes the move from analog to IP technology can be challenging for surveillance departments, and offers a variety of upgrade solutions. Whether planning a one-time upgrade or a phased approach, Honeywell can provide a cost effective, safe and timely upgrade plan. To make this upgrade approach work, Honeywell has created a hybrid control package that provides either full IP or a hybrid platform combining digital and analog control in a single user interface and NVR software that supports both encoders and IP cameras. Any analog or IP signal (either encoded or IP camera) may be selected and controlled from either the Ultrakey or a MAXPRO VMS Client. In addition, every monitor, either analog or digital, may be controlled by any Ultrakey or VMS client. Finally, with integrated access control, alarms can be managed and doors released, directly from the UltraKey.

Honeywell understands that compliance is the primary concern of surveillance departments, and its systems have never failed a gaming inspection nor been responsible for a temporary closure.

In addition to gaining IP technology advantages, companies that switch to Honeywell surveillance solutions also receive the following short- and long-term benefits:

  • Extremely low cost to sustain and support;
  • Lowest total cost of ownership;
  • No hidden license fees or support costs;
  • Professional, technical support available 24/7/365; and
  • Honeywell provides factory certification of video products to gaming end users at no charge.

Casino operators have too much at risk with unknown manufacturers. Let Honeywell’s world class solutions and support put your mind at ease.


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