The National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC) embraced the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) report titled "Indian Gaming: Regulation and oversight by the Federal Government, States, and Tribes" recognizing the significant regulatory relationships between the NIGC, tribes and states. The report details the numerous resources devoted to effective regulation and recognizes the importance of gaming to tribal economic development and self-determination.

"The NIGC appreciates the time and effort GAO took to understand how the NIGC and tribal regulators fulfill the unique mission of regulating Indian gaming," said chairman Jonodev O. Chaudhuri. "The report is another tool for the Commission to assess its performance in the regulation of Indian gaming, while also illustrating areas where the Commission can continue to advance the goals of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act."

"I am pleased to report that we have already put in place many of the recommendations made by the GAO in furtherance of the goals of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act," said chairman Chaudhuri. Such changes include:

• Exploring and developing tools to measure the effectiveness of the agency's Training and Technical Assistance Program, including the Commission's recent adoption of a formal commitment to analyze its training and technical assistance on a regular basis and the implementation of knowledge reviews at the conclusion of its trainings;
• Refining procedures for the systematic approach to the use, issuance and tracking of letters of concern to ensure timely response and action in resolving potential compliance concerns;
• Creating a Technology Division to better leverage technology and telecommunications products, services and solutions in a coordinated, focused manner to meet our regulatory responsibilities;
• Conducting Tribal consultations regarding the issuance of non-mandatory Class III Minimum Internal Control Standards that tribal regulators may use in developing their own Class III internal controls; and
• Hiring a Congressional and Intergovernmental Coordinator to facilitate increased communication between key stakeholders, including other federal agencies with interests in Indian gaming.

The GAO report further supports the direction articulated by Chairman Chaudhuri in his four priorities for the agency. "Sound regulation preserves public confidence, supports tribal self-sufficiency and self-determination, protects tribal assets, and promotes a safe and fair environment for all people who interact with the industry," said Chairman Chaudhuri.