The expansion of casino enterprises across the United States and overseas has become increasingly prominent, causing already established properties to undergo mass renovations. As competition in the gaming market continues to heat up, property owners are seeking new and creative outlets that will retain valuable players, as well as non-gamblers.

When a market matures the need for growth and change becomes more imperative in order to differentiate your property from the competition; the current gaming market is a prime example. Established casinos are investing millions to upgrade property amenities and entertainment features in order to become a more integrated resort model.

While the new physical transformations and unique entertainment offerings from casinos assist in retaining this demanding audience, it does not solidify their loyalty. Players and guests are looking for appreciation and customization in order to become fully devoted to a specific property. Therefore, providing a loyalty program to both players and non-gamblers with additional tailored offerings, such as niche reward events, provide them with the personal treatment they are seeking.

Loyalty programs drive long-term value, making people consistently come back for more. In 2015 there’s been discussion on how casinos plan on expanding the non-gaming amenities to strengthen customer spending after a slow year in casino revenues. Loyalty rewards can make a big hit in this market as people want additional services for their spending. Loyalty programs are not only growing, they are more tightly integrated, offering customers a seamless experience across the internet, point-of-sale and mobile channels.

Guest admiration and service has gone from a simple form of recognition to building an actual connection that begins the minute they interact with the property, whether that is through an online reservation or planned visit. Loyalty programs are specifically designed to act as a fundamental foundation to help build strong and trusted relationships with players and guests while also encouraging a high level of allegiance to that designated property. They allow casinos to attract an extensive and vast player audience by meeting everyone’s general need for recognition, appreciation and rewards.

The successful player loyalty program incorporates incentives that drive behavior for all amenities on the property, ultimately capitalizing on the casino’s services and profits. Rewards also need to be timely. For instance, with the unfortunate weather that has devastated certain areas, the need for practical rewards such as battery operated devices and portable chargers have become more desirable. Properties need to be offering a mix of both functional and luxury items that players are able to obtain through their loyalty program, making it a valuable resource for consumers.

Reward events, such as Rymax’s Strategic Interactive Themed Events (R-S.I.T.E), take the concept of loyalty and rewards to an interactive level that leaves a long lasting impression on the attendee. These events allow key players and guests to obtain luxury merchandise in a highly unique and customized setting. Rather than hosting a big-blowout event each year to acknowledge valuable players, executing more frequent events that match seasonal trends, as well as your guest’s desires will keep your property more top of mind. In this growing competitive market, staying relevant and becoming a reliable resource to your audience is key for a thriving success rate.

While renovation and expansion continues to be a main focus in the gaming market, offering your players and guests a unique incentive that will increase visitation and play is integral to stay significant in your region. It is critical in this competitive market for loyalty and rewards programs to be desirable, as connecting the player to your casino promotes advocacy and builds strong relationships. Showing appreciation for your audience’s loyalty by creating memorable and customized event experiences will not only meet the needs of a multi-generational audience, but also drive further allegiance and ROI for your property.