Grover Gaming Inc. announced that it has received approval from the New Hampshire Racing and Charitable Gaming Commission (Commission) for its newest electronic pull-tab game, "GameShow Glitz."

According to Garrett Blackwelder, President of Grover Gaming, "We are very proud of the success of our electronic pull-tab products in general and are glad to see that they are as successful in the New Hampshire market as elsewhere. We are particularly proud of the much needed assistance that, along with our partners, we have provided to charities in New Hampshire." He continued, "'GameShow Glitz' is an exciting new game that will really shine in the dual-screen cabinets we are using in that market." 

Grover provides certified software and games for the New Hampshire "Lucky 7" electronic pull-tab program in New Hampshire through its exclusive partner, EagleStrike Entertainment. Jim McIntire of EagleStrike, shares Blackwelder's optimism about the release of "GameShow Glitz." "We have seen in other markets that when you have a successful system in place and add a new game of this quality, it not only creates excitement for the player, it brings an immediate increase in revenue to the charities." "Like everywhere else, charities in New Hampshire have had it tough for a while. We are very happy to be a part of creating a brighter future for those charities and the many families and individuals that they assist on a daily basis."

Grover was the first Manufacturer to have an electronic pull-tab, or "Lucky 7," device approved by the Commission. Along with distribution partner EagleStrike Entertainment, Grover was the first to have an electronic "Lucky 7" device in operation in New Hampshire. Currently Grover and EagleStrike lead the market in New Hampshire's Charitable Gaming Electronic Pull-Tab market with over 200% more devices in use than the only other manufacturer with active terminals in the market. Additionally, Grover software has sold over 97% of all the electronic Lucky 7 tickets that have been sold in New Hampshire to date.

Grover produces electronic pull-tab products, lottery products, and other gaming software solutions for various markets in its design and development facility in Greenville North Carolina.