Win Systems, a global technology supplier for the gaming and entertainment industry, now connects more than 50,000 gaming machines in Latin America with its Casino Management System WIGOS.

Win Systems has reinforced its position as a leading supplier of Casino Management systems, with the connection of over 190 casinos throughout Latin America. WIGOS’ reliability, efficiency, and sophistication have made it the preferred CMS for the most important operators in the region.

WIGOS offers tools such as Accounting and Real Time Statistics to optimize the administration, supervision and full control of casinos, using a single software platform. This solution perfectly adapts to the needs of different customers and furthermore can efficiently handle the entire spectrum of casino operations from a central location using the Multi Site management application.

Not only Jackpots and Tournaments are included in the system to attract players. Player Tracking, a very useful and important tool for the collection of player information for marketing activities, together with the latest In-Touch screens integrated in the gaming machines, can provide the player with a different and more exciting experience.

Dario Zutel, Win Systems’ Chairman says: “We are delighted with the acceptance that WIGOS has amongst the most sophisticated Latin American operators, and we thank them for the trust they have placed in us. We have a close relationship with all our clients, small and big, we listen to them and work every day to offer the best products adapted to their needs, together with the best service. It is an honor for us that every day, more and more casino operators trust WIGOS as the best solution to manage their casinos, not only in Latin America but also in the United States and Europe, where we are currently expanding.”

Today, Win Systems has over 200 casinos operating with its WIGOS casino management system mainly in Mexico, Panama, Peru and other countries in Latin America, and with an increasing presence in USA and Europe.

WIGOS has reached a high level of excellence, thanks not only to the reliability and quality of the product, but also the high level of customer service offered by the company, directly in the field and through its Customer Service, which has become a reference in the whole Casino industry. Moreover, WIGOS is up-to-date with the latest technologies, and is committed to innovation and growth, with the aim of giving our clients the best and most efficient tools to optimize the management of their casinos.