Everi, a bold new brand name for the casino industry, launched as senior management and Board members of Everi Holdings Inc. join the Company's larger-than-life mascot, The Money Man, at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) to ring the NYSE Opening Bell at 9:30 a.m. ET. The new Everi Holdings Inc. "Powers the Casino Floor" as the casino industry's only sole-source provider of slot machine gaming entertainment and secure financial solutions.
Born from the promise of possibility, the Company's new Everi brand is modern, forward thinking and premium. Signifying the Company's new direction, Everi is confident and dynamic.
Ram V. Chary, President and Chief Executive Officer of Everi, commented, "We're excited to launch our organization's rebranding initiative, including a new corporate name and logo, as we highlight Everi's unique position as the gaming industry's only company that can offer a diverse floor-wide portfolio of gaming entertainment, cash access, security and intelligence solutions that together deliver greater value to our casino customers. Operators and patrons alike will benefit from Everi's dedication to strength, innovation and excitement and from our commitment to constantly look for ways to improve patron experiences and operator processes.
"With Everi, we are redefining our organization following our successful transition to a full-service casino gaming equipment and payments solutions provider," Mr. Chary added. "Through our commitment to innovation and ability to address casino operators' gaming and payment technology needs, we are helping customers succeed. We're looking forward to showcasing our unified product portfolio at the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas (September 29 - October 1) where we will demonstrate that Everi 'Powers the Casino Floor.'"
The Company will continue to support all of its successful current sub-brands, including TournEvent and TournEvent of Champions for the Games business and CashClub, CentralCredit, and Everi Compliance (formerly NEWave) for the Payments business.