There are players that will stand in a long line for muffin tins. And there are players who claim to have “everything.”

But for the majority of players, when it comes time to use their hard-earned loyalty program points at an event, they’re not only expecting a unique experience, but are searching for the same trending merchandise they can’t find retail.

With the expansion of casinos within states and in bordering jurisdictions, properties cannot achieve VIP status or retain experienced players without offering the most exclusive, top-of-the-line brand name products. Today’s players want to attend an event that gives them the retail experience and allows them to receive items they know will enrich their daily lives. This highlights the need to offer the most anticipated products on the market. 

To execute a successful event or bulk promotional giveaway, properties need to have access to the latest products from popular brands, but also have a consultative approach to executing reward-based events, ensuring that the merchandise being offered aligns with the player demographic profiles.

With holiday events around the corner, brands are presenting the most innovative products into the incentive channel. Properties now have an array of current merchandise to offer their loyal players.

This season, the landscape of products is altering the overall shopping experience for attendees. More exciting, high-tech items and glamorous lifestyle products will be in demand, providing guests with the chance to redeem for products never offered before.

Arriving on the redemption market this fall will be tech-advanced products such as drones and 3D printers from Stampede Global. Both items are highly attractive for players to redeem, as they offer an interactive experience, not just another item they can display on their shelves.

The seemingly unobtainable item can now be hooked up to a home or office computers, making it highly versatile. Those with a design background can craft their skills at home, teachers can create classroom tools, and those wishing for a new and great technological toy now have unprecedented access. 

Additionally, Stampede offers one of this season’s most talked about products; drones. These state-of-the-art aerial machines can capture photos and perform midair stunts not previously available in the consumer space. Since the technology is still new to the general public, acquisition of the item through points removes the burden of the hefty price tag attached.

Wearable technology has also made a significant impact in the consumer space. People can now capture their lives in a capacity they never have previously. This holiday season, players will have the ability to redeem the Sony Action Cam, which records in 4K and has better image stabilization than Go Pro. The product appeals to the techiest players, as it comes with a camera-connected screen that attaches to the wrist, giving the user directorial filming capabilities.

Also trending this season will be lifestyle-enhancing products, like the game-changing wine serving technology from Coravin, which aims to provide both wine enthusiasts and casual wine drinkers with the luxury of drinking as many varietals as they chose without ever having to open the bottle. This is the perfect gift for every casinos high end players.

Capturing life, action sports, and interesting life experiences is an exciting opportunity to integrate technology into their lives seamlessly. Retain players by providing them with a memorable experience and unforgettable merchandise that upgrades their lifestyle.

If your players are telling you that they have everything in a rewards program, they haven’t seen anything yet.