Osborne Coinages Company is now able to print 4-color process directly onto a coin surface, allowing each individual coin to be customized or personalized, making them ideal for casino loyalty and marketing programs.  With digital colorization it is possible to print readable QR codes, realistic color (including skin tones), gradients, and fine lines onto coins.  Logos and images, including faces and fine detail, can be clearly shown, and metal show-through is also an option.  Colors can be matched exactly to a PMS number.  Every coin can be personalized with variable copy, like individual names, or sequential numbering, for example “Limited edition 0001” or “Expressly Made for Dave Martin.”    Digital colorization is available on 39 mm (1.54”) coins or keytags in brass, antique brass, nickel silver, and fine (sterling) silver.  In addition to loyalty and marketing programs, they are ideal for branding purposes, as giveaways, promotions, wedding favors, for events, commemoratives, souvenirs, gift certificates, safety coins, challenge coins/military coins, significant anniversaries, trade shows, and more.   

All Osborne products are minted in a centrally located Ohio factory – to conveniently service casinos and gaming establishments in all areas of the country.  Minimum order is just 250 pieces (100 pieces for sterling silver).